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Hard Stats: Who Doesn’t Like The Like Button?

September 30, 2010 Digital Media Solutions

For a couple months, I’ve had a love-hate (Like/Unlike?) relationship with the increasingly ubiquitous Facebook “Like” button. On one hand, I love the idea of it but, even at the most basic level, it raises some simple English language problems. For example, when I’m talking to someone about a film and they tell me, “Oh, I liked that yesterday,” my instant reaction is, “Well, what about today?” Beyond basic usage, though, there’s also been some questions about who precisely uses the Like button and what value, if any, it has.

Well, those questions are now being answered and the information is amazing, even for folks that don’t have a data fetish like me. In a post made by the media analytics leader for the Facebook Developer Network Insights team, Facebook quotes hard numbers showing increased user engagement, increased page views, increased referral traffic through the use of the Like button. For a sample of what they’re saying, all you have to do is look to the left.

According to them, your average “liker” is 34 years old, possesses 2.4 times the amount of friends as a typical Facebook user (312, by my estimate), and clicks on links on Facebook more than five times as often. If you look at some of the internal data the Facebook has release, the age bands most likely to share are between 25 and 44, with significant drop off occurring at 55 and above.

More interesting than that, though, is their information about encouraging engagement on Facebook profiles or pages. Everyone has known for quite some time that creating content and status updates tailored to the audience was important, but now there are actual numbers out there. Want to increase engagement by two to three times? Look for a touching or emotional story. Happy with just 1.5 more engagement than an average post? Try asking a question.

Here’s the full chart:

Via Mashable

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