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Microsoft Search Update: Bing Advertising Performance

October 5, 2020 Sarah Cavill

Microsoft recently announced the release of asset performance ratings for responsive search ads (RSA), designed to help advertisers gain a better understanding of Bing search advertising performance. 

What Are Microsoft Responsive Search Ads?

Microsoft responsive search ads (RSAs), launched earlier this year, are ads that adjust to best match the queries of search audiences. Advertisers input multiple headlines and descriptions for each Bing search ad, letting Microsoft match the best message for each searcher, with a goal of achieving the best Bing search marketing campaign performance.

According to Microsoft, “on average, clients using RSAs saw an increase of 13% in clicks, 16% in conversions, 6% in conversion rate and a decrease of 2% CPA in June.”

What Are Microsoft Asset Performance Ratings For Bing Search Marketing?

Shutterstock_1402377221 May 19, 2019, Brazil. In this photo illustration the Microsoft Corporation logo is displayed on a smartphone.

The Microsoft asset performance ratings, launched in August, allow search marketers leveraging Bing to see the individual performance of each element or asset within their search campaigns so they can better optimize their campaigns.

Microsoft artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) work continually to measure the individual performance success of every RSA asset, and the Microsoft asset performance ratings displays performance measurements within the Bing asset dashboard:  

Learning: This rating appears on the dashboard when the asset is in the process of being evaluated.

Low, Good or Best: Once the asset has been evaluated, a rating of “low,” “good” or “best” appears. Microsoft recommends removing assets rated low. Assets rated good and best should remain within the campaign, with continual testing of new assets recommended.

Unrated: When an asset is inactive or has no performance data or insufficient performance data to determine a rating, “unrated” will show in the dashboard. 

How Do Microsoft Asset Performance Ratings Benefit Digital Marketers Leveraging Bing Search?

RSAs in Bing leverage Microsoft AI and ML to create the most relevant ad for each search query, but they are restricted to leveraging the assets provided by Bing campaign managers. The Microsoft asset performance ratings provide performance intelligence to Bing campaign managers, letting them see the individual performance of each ad headline and description. The intelligence provided by Microsoft asset performance ratings encourages Bing campaign managers to swap out poorly performing search ad assets, replacing them with new search ad assets to be tested. When RSA campaigns are stacked with high-performance assets, the overall performance of the Bing search campaigns should be higher.

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