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Why Your Keywords & Ad Copy Should Get Married ― And 9 Other Romantic Paid Search Tips

February 15, 2018 Digital Media Solutions

Like love, there are no shortcuts in paid search. The DMS Digital Agency paid search experts know this well. That’s why we take the time to build out campaigns with care.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we compiled a list of romantic paid search tips. From dating to marriage, these recommendations will help you keep your focus on performance.


Romantic Paid Search Tip #1: Marry Your Keywords and Ad Copy

To enhance performance, we recommend paid search campaigns be built out to include just one keyword per ad group. That’s right: keyword monogamy. Why? This allows the utilization of keyword-specific ad copy. And that can significantly boost click-through rates (CTRs) and quality scores, lowering costs per click (CPCs) and costs per lead (CPLs) as a result.


Romantic Paid Search Tip #2: Know Who You Love, and Who Loves You in Return

We love Google because we’re confident in the results it delivers. Sure we’ll go out on a date with Bing or the second-tier search engines when the right opportunity presents itself, but Google is always front and center for our campaigns. Don’t let lower CPCs pull you away from what is best for you and the performance of your campaigns.


Romantic Paid Search Tip #3: You Look Best When You Put Yourself First

Keep your branded campaigns live to make sure your brand is always at the top of the search results. Even if you claim the top organic listing, you don’t want to sway the eyes and interest of your prospective customers by allowing them to see your competition ranking higher. Plus, paid ads allow you to dictate your content and your conversion path. The first step in love is loving yourself. And that means investing in your brand.


Romantic Paid Search Tip #4: Embrace Your History

Past relationships become lessons, as do past campaigns. Analyze what has and has not worked for you before so you can scale and amplify your success. This includes keeping in touch with the audience that knows you already. Retarget and remarket to those who have been to your website and to consumers who have previously provided their email addresses.


Romantic Paid Search Tip #5: Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Who to Love

Google provides robust optimization tools based on what they think you want. But letting your campaign run fully automated based on Google’s recommendations is like allowing your mom to choose your dates. Manual optimizations based on the needs of your key performance indicators (KPIs) will almost always lead to better results.


Romantic Paid Search Tip #6: Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for What You Want

Paid search campaigns perform best when they include clear calls to action (CTAs). Give your audience a variety of ways to reach you, including trackable phone numbers within your ad copy and on your landing pages. Keep the lines of communication open by making sure you can receive messages from your prospective customers however and whenever they want to reach you.


Romantic Paid Search Tip #7: You Need Your Beauty Sleep

Don’t be afraid to turn your non-branded paid search campaigns off. Analyze your data to identify the times when incoming leads are most likely to result in conversions. Then daypart by state and time zone to rest when your audience is sleeping.


Romantic Paid Search Tip #8: Don’t Get Stuck in a Rut

We’re living in a mobile world, and those who don’t welcome it will get left behind. Make sure your paid search campaigns embrace the mobile trend by tracking campaigns by device. This reporting will allow you to implement mobile-specific bid adjustments and optimize your campaign based on mobile performance.


Romantic Paid Search Tip #9: Keep Your Options Open

Once you’ve built out your keyword list, use concatenation tools to extend your list of relevant terms. Test a long list and refine based on budget and performance. Remember, long-tail keywords are likely to cost less and convert better.



Romantic Paid Search Tip #10: Love Requires Communication ― It’s Okay to Be an Open Book

Though the strategies of your paid search and search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns should be different, their goals are likely the same. Share knowledge between your paid search and SEO experts, including which keywords are driving conversions.



Though we had fun with this post, paid search campaign management can be as tough as making the first move. Success requires a buttoned-up strategy and frequent optimizations.

If you’d like a free audit of your current paid search campaign to see if there’s room for improvement, reach out to Team DMS. Contact us via this form to get started.


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