Amazon Launches Home Shopping Channel, Amazon Live: Just The Facts

February 18, 2019 Victoria Pallien

Amazon announced their platform, Amazon Live, and entered the competition of home shopping channels.

What Is Amazon Live?

amazon live

Amazon Live, the newest addition to Amazon’s brand, is built to position live streams in which brands can position products and interact directly with consumers.

The streams are a mix of professionally produced live content, do-it-yourself (DIY) videos from smaller brands and on-demand content. Unlike cable’s home shopping networks, Amazon Live doesn’t feature a countdown to directly encourage sales.

Products discussed in livestreams will be featured for purchase in a carousel format at the bottom of each Amazon Live page.

What Is Amazon Live Creator?

Amazon Live Creator is an app developed by Amazon meant for smaller brands to use to produce content for Amazon Live streams. Available only on iOS for now, Amazon Live Creator is accessible for sellers and presenters in the U.S. who are registered in the Amazon Brand Registry.

The app instructs sellers on how to record streaming content through mobile devices or through encoders using professional cameras.

Amazon Live Creator

Where Is Amazon Live Available?

Amazon Live is available for viewing on Amazon.com on desktop, mobile and the Amazon app. A brand’s livestream may populate in helpful places, like product detail pages and their store, in addition to Amazon.com/live.

Amazon also offers advertising options for livestreams that enable brands to pay for promotion to reach more consumers.

How Will Amazon Live Benefit Marketers?

Especially for direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands, Amazon Live gives marketers the opportunity to better explain their product and give consumers tutorials before purchasing. Marketers can use livestreams to answer common questions and thoroughly explore their products for consumer benefit.

Amazon livestreams may be an easy way for marketers to gain brand exposure and reach larger consumer bases.

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