Are You Ready For Some Football… Marketing Lessons?

October 3, 2018 Sarah Cavill

When the temperature dips and the sports bars fill up, it can only mean it’s time for football. Whether pee-wee, high school, college or the NFL, football movies are nearly as iconic as the game itself, and they usually have a valuable lesson, for life and business. We hit the gridiron to find a few cinematic gems, and their marketing-friendly touchdowns.

football marketing

The Waterboy – Let your passion for the project fuel you.

In The Waterboy, Adam Sandler’s now infamous water boy discovers that he is a great linebacker when he gets angry and visualizes himself successfully taking out his opponent. In marketing, passion and aligning your goals can be the driving force behind effectively winning over a client and making the best moves to maximize success. 

We Are Marshall – Always believe you can rebuild.

We Are Marshall begins with a tragedy, but it is ultimately a story of rebuilding and redemption. Marshall’s coaches believe they can have a great team again, and they motivate their players to believe as well. In marketing, there is always a way to refocus if a message goes astray, or to rebuild if the tried and true is no longer working.

marketing teamwork

Friday Night Lights – Be inspired by the people around you.

The movie was a hit. The TV show was a masterpiece. Friday Night Lights’ Coach Taylor taught his players to rely on one another and look for the good in their community, their friends and their family. Marketing is at its best when team members are given the opportunity to be successful, share ideas and be creative. You never know who might inspire you!

The Blind Side – Look at every angle.

In The Blind Side, Leigh Anne Tuohy notices her son “Big Mike” is anxious about throwing his weight around on the football field. She reminds him that his protective instincts are his strength, and to use them to guard his quarterback – to never get blindsided. You never want to miss an angle when making marketing decisions. Considering every eventuality, and believing in your brand, will generate loyalty, repeat business and results you can count on.

marketing lessons Never underestimate

Little Giants – Play fair.

Little Giants is the classic tale of small town rival football teams, each lead by a brother, each wants to win. In the end, a player goes rogue and purposely injures a rival, and their best player, a girl who’d previously been kicked off the team and sent to the cheerleading squad, comes back to save the day. The good guys win, but both coaches decide to celebrate their hardworking players, to merge their strengths and celebrate the best parts of the game. In marketing, playing fair will get you the most satisfying, lasting result.

Extra marketing lesson: Never underestimate your team members.

Any Given Sunday – Give your business a boost.

Any Given Sunday, a gritty, so-real-it’s-almost-too-real, Oliver Stone ballad to football, shows players at their very best and their very worst. While steroids aren’t a good idea on the playing field, in marketing, a boost is the smartest way to keep your leads informed about your company’s latest news, services and products. Newsletters, emails and social media updates, particularly those with limited time offers and exclusive promotions, keep you top of mind for existing and, hopefully, future clients.

marketing lessons

Jerry Maguire – Have them at hello.

Though known for being a romance more than a sports movie, in Jerry Maguire, Tom Cruise’s beleaguered sports agent needs to convince his lone remaining client, a pumped and ready to play NFL star, that he has what it takes to represent him. Maguire may in the end get the girl at “hello,” but he also gets a deal for his player. Make sure you’re ready with the best message, so your customers are ready to say “yes” before you even finish talking.

Be a winner!

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