Google Won In 2020 Through Consistent Innovation & Positive User Experience

December 30, 2020 Carolyn Harding

For Google, 2020 was a year of innovation, solidifying its position as the biggest – and most influential – search engine. Launching new products, tools and initiatives, Google continued to improve its user experience and provide digital advertisers with new opportunities to excel through both organic and paid content.

All Eyes Were On Google As 2020 Posed New Challenges For Advertisers & Consumers Alike

Through the many twists and turns of 2020, Google was nimble, proactive and intentional in their initiatives. From seamless ecommerce offerings to new advertising options, creative opportunities for content monetization and continued efforts to maintain standards of privacy and protections surrounding user data, Google was busy.

Consumers continued to rely on Google in 2020 to provide accurate information, as day-to-day life dramatically changed around the world. Likewise, digital advertisers looked to the tech giant for innovative solutions to reach consumers and identify trends. Google responded by leveraging its data and investing in new ways to share insights, allowing advertisers and brands to stay agile and release ads, campaigns and messaging that aligned with today’s consumers. 

The sections below summarize previously published DMS Insights articles about Google news in 2020.

Google Keen: Just The Facts

Taking a page out of Pinterest’s playbook, Google launched Keen, a place where users can create and share boards about their interests and hobbies. The introduction of Keen came as Pinterest’s growth in search and ecommerce rose, leading Google to utilize its highly refined human-centered machine learning systems to launch innovative products, like Keen.

Google Expands Audio Advertising Options: Just The Facts

With predictions rolling in that digital audio would overtake radio as the most-listened to audio format in 2020, Google introduced a new ad creation tool and several new audio advertising options to leverage this growing audio audience. Through Google’s expansion of its audio advertising options, advertisers and publishers are able to develop more targeted strategies for reaching audiences wherever they are engaged, and digital advertisers have the opportunity to access digital audio ad space in a scalable way.

Google Search Offers A Glimpse Into The Issues That Matter To People Around The World

In 2020, consumers used their voices to demand action related to the causes and movements that were at the forefront of people’s minds and dominating the news. Google Search, in particular, provided a “real-time focus group” for digital advertisers who needed to know what the public was thinking in order to create messaging that resonated with consumers.

Google Converts Paid Ads To Free Product Listings: Just The Facts

Google made several changes to their shopping search throughout 2020, including the introduction of free product listings, instead of paid ads, when users perform shopping searches. The free shopping listings were an enhancement to Google search, not a total replacement of paid shopping ads.

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