Bing Ads Import Function: Just The Facts

April 1, 2019 Victoria Pallien

In March, Bing Ads updated the function that allows advertisers to import their ads from Google Ads campaigns to make the Bing Ads system more intuitive and easy-to-use.

What Did Bing Update In Their Ads System?

Bing Update In Their Ads System

Bing updated their ads system to offer advertisers the following options, as listed in a blog post:

1. Customized Import Options

Within the “Choose Import Options,” Bingadvertisers will now have the ability to select specific items to import and adjust the imported contents’ bids, budgets and landing page URLs. Advertisers can also customize settings for targeting and extensions while modifying their tracking templates.

With imported data, advertisers can save time and set campaigns to automatically go live upon import. This way, they won’t need to manually update or post changes. Advertisers will still have the option to pause imported campaigns for review before pushing them live.

2. Scheduled Import And History

Now, advertisers can schedule their imports on a recurring basis (daily, weekly or monthly) or simply for a later date, which means every Google update can automatically happen in Bing. While an advertiser is importing ads, the history and status is available.

google Scheduled Import And History bing

3. Import Summary

Upon import, advertisers can review their ads and download any errors found by Bing.

advertisers review ads download errors Bing

What Does Bing Ads’ Import Update Mean For Marketers?

The Bing Ads import update allows marketers to streamline their paid search ad management. With the easy import feature and these updates, marketers can easily see where their ads are succeeding in Google and seamlessly implement the changes in Bing.

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