Big Brands Launch Marketing Activations Inspired By The ‘New Normal’

August 5, 2020 Carolyn Harding

Since the start of the pandemic, nimble brands have shifted their marketing strategies to incorporate convenient, relevant options for consumers – leveraging offers including virtual events, at-home delivery, free shipping on orders and more. Today, we are seeing a new wave of activations from brands looking to take their marketing efforts further by directly responding to the effects of the pandemic in fun, proactive ways. Here are three of the latest and greatest campaigns that accurately reflect the “new normal” that COVID-19 has introduced to the world.

Bumble Partners With Babe Wine For Pandemic Breakups

Famous dating app Bumble recently partnered with Babe Wine, known for its sparkling canned wine, to launch the social media campaign “Moving On.” Calling themselves the “B&B Movers,” Bumble and Babe Wine are looking to relieve the stress that comes with breakups during a global pandemic by paying all moving costs for individuals who have found themselves living with their ex post-breakup.

In order to enter, participants must tag themselves – or a friend – on Babe Wine’s “moving on” Instagram post. Babe Wine will then select five winners who, as the sparkling wine brand says, are successfully “turning their breakup into a glow up.” Bumble also pledged to “hand tailor” the dating profiles for all the newly single contest winners.

Babe Wine and Bumble have both seen increased demand as a result of the pandemic. According to CNBC, Bumble has experienced a 26% spike in messages sent through the dating platform, while recent Nielsen data reported that canned wine sales have risen 79%, bringing in $163 million in revenue. By coupling consumers’ growing interest in both brands with the wide reach that social media offers, Babe Wine and Bumble have the potential to drive significant traffic to their respective websites and apps.

Natural Light’s “Dorm From Home” Resonates With Today’s College Students

As many colleges across the country plan for a remote return to school, Natural Light launched its latest campaign, “Dorm From Home,” gifting one winner a “Nattified mobile dorm unit” in preparation for the upcoming fall semester at home.

Targeting a demographic widely known for its heavy social media usage, the beer brand called on all college students – 21 and older – to share a photo using the #DormFromHome hashtag with a convincing argument as to why they need the mobile dorm. Natural Light will hand deliver the dorm-on-wheels – fully loaded with a TV, mini fridge, Natural Light gift card and more – to the lucky winning college student.

According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, just 2.5% of colleges are planning to allow for fully in-person classes this fall. Many higher education institutions have announced a combination of virtual and in-person learning, while others have chosen an entirely at-home learning experience, creating a perfect opportunity for brands, like Natural Light, to connect with a significant audience in a relevant way.

HEINZ Brings The Ballpark Inside For Baseball Fans

The longing for sports entertainment has stretched far and wide since the beginning of the pandemic. And just in time for the much anticipated start of the MLB season, HEINZ found an innovative way to bring the dearly missed ballpark inside consumers’ homes. Knowing that baseball fans will miss the feeling of being physically at the games this year, HEINZ launched its HeinzStadiumKetchup.com website leading up to opening day. Fans who visited the site had the chance to enter to win a “Heinz Stadium Ketchup Kit,” fully loaded with the classic HEINZ ketchup dispenser, hot dog trays, a HEINZ foam finger and more.

HEINZ was able to tap into a major void many consumers will continue to feel throughout the months-long MLB season by bringing the ballpark experience to fans, while also getting free promotion of their ketchup brand from fans who will likely share their Heinz Stadium Ketchup Kit prize during each game.  

At the start of the pandemic, brands realized quickly the necessity of adjusting their offerings in order to conform to consumers’ changing needs. Today, as we enter into another month of the pandemic, brands must once again adapt to what the “new normal” will look like beyond the current moment, and become more proactive in their marketing efforts in order to resonate with audiences in the long-term.

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