The Iconic Cadbury Cream Egg Is Hiding In The Ads Of Other Brands For A Multi-Channel Easter Promotion

March 5, 2019 Sarah Cavill

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Consumers take their Cadbury Creme Eggs very seriously. In 2014, competitive eater Miki Sudo ate 50 creme eggs in six minutes and 15 seconds. In 2015, Cadbury changed the recipe of their famous eggs, leading to complaints and petitions. Creme eggs are not to be trifled with. These popular, gooey confections are only offered January 1st through Easter Day, and Cadbury is once again launching their Willy Wonka inspired White Chocolate Creme Egg hunt campaign in the U.K. Initially just an out-of-home (OOH) campaign, this year Cadbury has added a digital component, partnering with other brands and engaging consumers across all social channels.

Prizes And Contests Can Create Excitement And Engagement For Cadbury

For this year’s White Chocolate Creme Egg “hunting” campaign, consumers in the U.K. will be able to collect hints from the Cadbury website and social channels alerting them to hidden Creme Eggs in campaigns from brand partners. Once found, consumers can screenshot or photograph the Creme Egg they spotted in the partner campaign, and upload that picture to HuntTheWhiteCremeEgg.com. That’s when the magic happens. The uploaded egg will – digitally – unwrap to reveal what’s inside. If a White Chocolate Creme Egg is unveiled, winners will get the specialty egg sent to them in the mail and will be entered for a chance to win £10,000. Some eggs aren’t winners and some eggs are the milk chocolate variety, which garners winners a voucher to be redeemed at participating retailers. All told, there are 1,000 white chocolate winners and 30,000 milk chocolate eggs in the mix.

The Brand Partnerships With Cadbury Are Cross-Channel And Cross-Promotional

So far the brands that have partnered with Cadbury for this campaign include Heinz, Oreo and Benefit, with more to come. The Creme Eggs have been spotted on brands’ YouTube channels, Facebook pages, store windows and product ads. This creates a truly cross-channel campaign for all the involved brands, several of which are owned by Cadbury-parent company Mondelez International. The names of other partnering brands have not been released.

The interactive component of this effort is fun for Cadbury Creme Egg superfans and the integration of multiple brands in one campaign is likely a trend to watch.

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