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Lil Yachty and Donny Osmond: Has Chef Boyardee Created the Perfect Jingle?

September 4, 2018 Digital Media Solutions

A vintage-style collaboration with rapper Lil Yachty and singer Donny Osmond — that’s a quick description of Chef Boyardee’s latest ad, released just late August.

The sing-along style video features Chef Boyardee’s original recipe and packaging, fusing 1930s marketing with today’s music. The catchy hip-hop jingle doesn’t come as too much of a surprise from Lil Yachty after his Sprite commercial with LeBron James. What catches the audience off guard in this Boyardee commercial, aside from Osmond’s auto-tune, are the green screens, flashy graphics and raining raviolis.

This unlikely pairing proves that sometimes you need to think outside to box to score a lasting impression. It’s hard to get this jingle out of your head, so “start the par-dee” with Chef Boyardee.

Reactions from digital marketers in our office:

It’s fun enough to make me want to try Chef Boyardee again.

I love that vintage-wholesome meets 2000s hip-hop in this commercial. Something feels very back-to-school about this to me. If this rolls in September, they could definitely position themselves as the after-school snack. It’s just funny enough to be taken seriously.

That was a shocking ad. When I pass Chef Boyardee in the grocery store, I’ll think of this commercial. I’ll remember this ad for a long time.

Going bold usually means your message will stick with consumers. Finding a balance between a serious tone and a humorous one is the tricky part — you don’t want consumers to write your ad off as a joke. Judging from our office’s reactions, Chef Boyardee found the perfect blend, expertly positioning their pasta for all age ranges.

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