Courvoisier X Def Jam Recordings: A Partnership That Reaches Niche Audiences And Beyond

June 13, 2019 Sarah Cavill


Alcohol and beverage companies have a long record of success partnering with the hip hop community. (Sprite was among the first beverage brands to implement this connection with their Tribe Called Quest campaign in the early nineties.) The latest company to capitalize on this effective strategic partnership is Courvoisier Cognac, which teamed up with Def Jam Recordings to launch the platform Amplified: Icons on the Rise.

“We’re excited to partner with an iconic brand like Def Jam to recognize a new generation of artists,” said Stephanie Kang, Marketing Director at Courvoisier. “Like Def Jam Recordings, Courvoisier has a history rooted in a strong entrepreneurial spirit. We were founded on the principle that Courvoisier is a community, not a company.”

The Honor Your Code Campaign Highlights Def Jam Artists Through Star-Powered Activations


The first collaboration of the Courvoisier X Def Jam Recordings partnership is the Honor Your Code campaign, which includes artists the two brands perceive as staying “authentic” despite their rising fame. These artists are featured in the 18-show Amplified: Icons On The Rise concert series throughout the U.S. and in campaigns across channels, including social and digital content.

The Amplified: Icons On The Rise concert series promotes and showcases the hip hop artists and serves as experiential activations designed to inspire cognac lovers and music fans by creating emotional connections with the brands. Dallas hip hop artist Bobby Sessions kicked off the series June 7th in New York.

“A major focus for Def Jam and our brand initiatives involves connecting to our audience in authentic ways. Courvoisier and Def Jam are two iconic brands that run deep within culture,” said Paul Rosenberg, chairman and CEO of Def Jam Recordings. “We’re thrilled to partner with Courvoisier as we engage our audiences through exciting new platforms with incredible new artists.”

The message of being true to your brand and yourself is mirrored by Courvoisier on their website, where the spirits company touts their high standards. 

The Courvoisier X Def Jam Recordings Partnership Deploys Mobile-Friendly User Generated Content (UGC)

The Honor Your Code campaign offers users the chance to create and share branded memes highlighting the “code” – a motivational slogan – that resonates with them the most. Users can select their cities and upload their pictures with one of several pre-selected “codes” and share the memes on Instagram and across social media. The user generated ads are mobile-friendly and represent a stylish, fun way to share affection for a brand or concept.

A strategic partnership that includes different brands that are popular with niche audiences can be a win-win for both partners. By effectively implementing the strengths of both brands, and offering users the chance to participate in promoting the campaign, brands may even expand their reach while growing loyalty and awareness.

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