Dickies Launches First Digital Marketing Campaigns As Brands Scale Digital Media Spend

September 25, 2020 Sarah Cavill

Many heritage and luxury brands have shied away from digital marketing strategies in the past, relying instead on marketing strategies that had worked for generations. However, the need for digital has been accelerated in 2020, and businesses are increasingly embracing digital marketing campaigns and strategies that can take their brands to the next level of success.

Dickies Celebrates Makers And Workers With First-Ever Digital Marketing Campaign

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Dickies recently kicked off its first digital multimedia marketing campaign, United by Inspiration, United by Dickies. The Dickies campaign highlights the creativity of 10 makers across industries and around the world, all showing off their artistry and maker skills in different Dickies spots that are being showcased through digital, social, connected TV and custom content. In order to emphasize their reputation as a reliable brand for the workers of the world, each maker is wearing Dickie’s iconic Eisenhower jacket, a mainstay of the Dickie’s workwear line since the 1940s. 

The Dickies digital marketing campaign is an ode to makers and workers, especially at a time when so many people are struggling around the world. "We've made a deliberate effort to feature real workers inspiring one another with their creativity and work ethic,” said Denny Bruce, Dickies Global Brand President. “We’re showing that, all around the world, makers are shaping this cultural moment in time through action, through work and through creativity and in that, they are never alone.” Following COVID-19 protocols, the creative content for the most recent Dickies digital marketing campaign was shot by the makers themselves, once again highlighting resourcefulness and tenacity. 

Bissell Deploys Live Streaming As Part Of Its Marketing Campaign For Overseas Sales

Bissell, a 144-year old company, had previously relied on tried and true sales tactics that resonated with their customers, like long-form TV infomercials and short commercial spots on linear television. However, when strategizing how to enter the Chinese market, Bissell needed a new way to tell their story. 

The brand entered into a strategic partnership with Alibaba, which allowed Bissel to leverage Alibaba data. The Alibaba data informed Bissell about target markets, helping Bissel to choose the right key opinion leader (KOL) – similar to an influencer – to live stream product demonstrations of the Bissell CrossWave line of floor cleaning appliances. The Bissell line was created specifically with input from the Chinese market, which Bissell was able to effectively target by relying on data, effective outreach and thoughtful digital solutions. Ecommerce live streaming is a hugely successful digital strategy in China, with revenues estimated at about $18 billion in 2019.

“I feel [the ability to test and learn is] the beauty of Alibaba, but also the beauty of digital. You can do things fast. You can learn a lot along the way, and that's sort of the approach that we've [Bissel has] taken. For us [live streaming] was really powerful,” said Max Bissell, Director of Robotics and Managing Director of Asia, Bissell. “It’s different than how we would have gone to market in other regions, but [live streaming] kind of fit our model pretty well.” Bissell hopes to use the lessons learned from their Chinese consumer research and digital marketing strategy, particularly in the areas of content optimization, testing strategies and mobile payments, and apply them to U.S. markets.

Moncler Plans For The Future With An All-In Ecommerce Approach

Although some luxury brands have taken financial hits during COVID-19, a silver lining of the pandemic for many high-end brands is realizing the importance of effective ecommerce strategies. Closed brick-and-mortar stores, combined with changes in buying habits from consumers, has led many brands to reconsider the best way to reach consumers — both with their marketing messages and with their products. Moncler, an upscale jacket and skiwear brand, has announced plans to double its ecommerce sales to 20% of its business by 2023. “During this time, when attitudes to shopping may be changing and habits may become even more online, I felt we needed not only an evolution, but a revolution in our digital culture,” said Remo Ruffini, CEO of Moncler. 

Implementation of digital strategies are still underway at the Montcler fashion house, but the brand announced it will be launching a fully integrated omnichannel ecommerce platform. The online Montcler store will include AI-powered “product recommendations, client service interactions, merchandising and pricing” and implementation of online tools that facilitate offline, in-store shopping. The digital-forward approach for the 67-year old brand will kick off this year in the U.S. and Canada, and Montcler plans to expand its digitally focused strategy across the globe in 2021, with Ruffini emphasizing the importance of thoughtful targeting to different cultures and maintaining strong responsiveness to consumer preferences.

Digital advertising was already the preferred and prioritized way for brands to optimize their marketing plans prior to the pandemic. The last six months of upheaval have seen many brands, young and old, creatively embrace all the possibilities that digital media and marketing offers. Whether going all in or embracing the digital tools that work for different audiences, products and services, effective digital marketing is increasingly essential for sales, engagement and success.

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