DMS Marketing Madness – Round 3: Oregon vs. Macy’s vs. Ikea vs. Huggies

March 15, 2018 Kathy Bryan

Team DMS is a competitive group, and March is one of our favorite months. March Madness starts this week and we’re already into the third week of DMS Marketing Madness.

Every week of March, we are highlighting four innovative campaigns and asking you to vote for your favorite. The winner each week moves on to the DMS Marketing Madness Final Four, announced on March 30th. The winner of the final four will be crowned DMS Marketing Madness Champion the following week.

Previous DMS Marketing Madness Winners

Round 2 Winner ― Lacoste

With their “Save Our Species” campaign, Lacoste replaced its iconic crocodile logo with embroideries of ten endangered species, creating awareness of the animals’ plights, raising funds for the International Union for Conservation of Nature and garnering tremendous media buzz. Click here to read about the award winning Lacoste campaign and our other DMS Marketing Madness Round 2 contestants.

Round 1 Winner ― Tide

Tide, the winner of the Super Clio for best ad in Super Bowl LII, took home the glory of winning the first round of DMS Marketing Madness for making you question every ad you see. Click here to read about the award winning Tide campaign and our other DMS Marketing Madness Round 1 contestants.


Marketing Madness ― Round 3

Travel Oregon ― Animating & Amplifying Their Beauty

Working with Weiden + Kennedy, Travel Oregon developed “Only Slightly Exaggerated,” a campaign leveraging Japanese-style anime to showcase the state’s magic. Showcasing an original score by the Oregon Symphony, the focal TV spot opens with a small child fishing from a bridge, butterflies are fluttering about and a frog is reading the newspaper. A lake scene, with snow-capped Mount Hood in the backdrop transitions to a field of tulips littered with bunnies before a giant rabbit, ridden by gleeful children, leaps across the field. From lush fields to hot air balloons, starry skies to cityscapes, viewers experience the magic of the state. We see dragon boat races, running horses, white water rafting, mountain biking… all with no narration. Leveraging their creative license, the $5 million Travel Oregon campaign accents the state’s natural wonders while garnering the attention of advertising writers. Time will tell if it drives tourism as well.

Click here to see the full spot and stills from the campaign.


Macy’s ― Hacking the Look

Influencer marketing has been a monumental success for driving brand awareness among fashion brands, but Macy’s is taking it up a notch. On March 9th, the retail giant launched its “Find the Remarkable You” campaign as part of their spring fashion line promotions. According to a press release, the campaign encourages “women to dress up and feel inspired and empowered.” Pivoting the success of #OOTD (outfit of the day fashion-oriented hashtag), Macy’s initiated a new feature on Instagram that lets two people live-stream a video at the same time. With this hack, Macy’s Instagram interactions via #FINDREMARKABLE help connect customers with elite fashion influencers to create an ideal custom look together. Why is this innovative? Until now, fashion hopefuls and helpless alike turned to #OOTD in parallel. Macy’s created the cross-over that directly connects customers with influencers who provide feedback on their fashion choices. Click here to watch.


Ikea ― Sock Skating into Our Hearts & Homes

Following their highly publicized pee strip ad, Ikea tells their audience to “make room for life” with their newest TV spot starring former professional skaters. Opening with a middle-aged couple rolling up their area rug, we follow the stars as they twirl (on socks) throughout their very nicely furnished home. The ambiance is upscale, and though the house is largely furnished with Ikea, the viewer’s attention is rarely directed away from the performance. At the end, Ikea furniture is flagged with name and price, but by then Ikea has captured their audience as they end with a simple, “bring life into your living room.”


Huggies Pull-Ups ― Dancing to the Potty

Starting this month, the new Disney Junior Dance Party is sponsored by Huggies Pull-Ups Training Pants. But Huggies didn’t just put their logo on the tickets; they created a potty event. During the 15 minutes immediately before show commencement, audiences are entertained with a pre-show inclusive of potty-time countdowns and songs with lyrics like “Hold Up – get’cha swag on with your Pull Ups, and put ‘em back on.” They’ve even managed to get the Pull-Ups tagline “I’m a Big Kid Now” tucked into the entertainment. With media fragmentation as it is, experiential marketing is having a resurgence. But not every brand connects their audience with their purpose as successfully as Huggies did with this sponsorship deal.


Voting for DMS Marketing Madness Round 3 has closed with Ikea as the winner. Click here to vote in DMS Marketing Madness Final Four.

We’ll be featuring four innovative campaigns each week this month. On March 30, we’ll announce the contestants for our DMS Marketing Madness Final Four. A final vote will let us crown the DMS Marketing Madness Champion.


Are you ready to reimagine your win? Contact DMS today.



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