Dollar Shave Club Offers More Than Razors

July 23, 2018 Nicole Settecasi

“Our Blades Are F***ing Great” launched the Dollar Shave Club Brand in 2012. In just two days, this first video from the new subscription company secured 12,000 customers. As they’ve expanded their product offering beyond razors, videos have maintained as the focus of Dollar Shave Club’s marketing.

Their latest marketing video “Get Ready” uses humor to highlight their surprisingly long list of SKUs. Now owned by Unilever, Dollar Shave Club is a billion-dollar business that owns more than one-quarter of the razor market share and a growing share in other bathroom-focused categories.

From razors and hair gels to body washes and toothbrushes, “Get Ready” covers what a man needs to get ready in the morning (while showing just about everything a man can do to get ready). The long-format video appeals broadly to the 1.6 million men and 400,000 women buying from Dollar Shave Club.

Reactions from men in our office:

“No matter what kind of man you are, you’re shaving something. This ad states Dollar Shave Club is made with inexpensive, high-quality products for every man.”

“These are the struggles of adulthood. You’ve got to take care of yourself, and Dollar Shave Club can help you do that.”

“It takes privacy to bring out the reality. The ad makes us curious about how other people take care of themselves, and it encourages men to be comfortable in their own skin.”

“It’s relatable. And the best commercials are. Everybody’s either done all that grooming or seen other people do it. It’s funny. I love that the CEO stuffs his package. That’s a great commercial.”

Reactions from women in our office:

“Oh, my god. I like it. Very funny. I didn’t realize Dollar Shave Club offered that much! I thought it was just razors.”

“This commercial promotes the idea that men are just normal people, too. Every man has their very own routine and every man is different. Dollar Shave Club is saying they can fit into any man’s life.”

Fitting into consumers’ lives is an approach that has worked well for many brands. Putting consumers at the front and center of marketing videos can prove that brands are making sure their products work for consumers, not the other way around.


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