Engage or Pay: 3 Super-Sized Facebook Campaigns You Can Learn From

January 29, 2018 Melissa Ledesma

The battle to be the best goes beyond football fields and basketball courts. Brands everywhere are vying for attention, and the competition is fierce. Social media channels have evolved into an arena where brands battle for top reach and engagement (and ultimately conversions), and Team DMS loves watching a good match-up of competitors. With Facebook’s recent algorithm update, earning engagement is more important than ever. For that reason, we are shouting out brands with super-sized Facebook campaign success.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge 

The viral ALS Ice Bucket Challenge launched during the summer of 2014. Encouraging people to take the challenge (pour a bucket of ice over their heads) and then nominate others to do the same or forfeit (and donate to ALS), ALS raised $4 million that summer.

Why did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge work?

According to a Forbes contributor, because it was “big, selfless and simple.”

Dove Real Beauty Sketches

Produced in 2013, Dove Real Beauty Sketches asked people to describe their appearance to FBI sketch artists. Next, relatives and friends described the same people. When the sketches were put side by side, it was apparent people can have #BeautyBias. The video was shared 630,000 times on Facebook within the first ten days, and according to the Dove website, the campaign video has been viewed almost 180 times.

Why did the Dove Real Beauty Sketches campaign resonate?

Their goal was to “make women feel better about themselves.” And they succeeded.

Allstate’s Mayhem

Initially launched on TV, the Mayhem campaign extended to Facebook with its own fan page. To date, almost 1.9 million people have liked the page, and 1.8 million follow it. The single post from January 11, coordinated with their January resolutions campaign, was shared 2,602 times, reacted to 6,400 times and received 163,000 views.

Why did the Allstate Mayhem campaign transition so well to Facebook?

As the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Allstate, Lisa Cochrane, explains, “Mayhem is there to change the conversation… to provide you with something to think about…. Mayhem is accidental things that happen to everyday people…. Mayhem is about life.” It’s conversational, relatable and humorous. That’s ripe for engagement.


How Will Facebook’s Algorithm Update Affect Future Campaigns?

In an official response to questions regarding the update, Facebook issued the following statement:

“[Facebook] is going to gradually introduce updates to News Feed that increases the weight we put on friend interactions. Posts that inspire conversations and interactions, such as comments, shares, and reactions, will be prioritized over posts that are consumed passively. With these changes, pages may see a decline in their organic reach, referral traffic, and total video watch time, although posts that lead to more meaningful interactions will see less of an impact.”

Brands that create unique, creative and memorable Facebook campaigns which resonate with their target audiences may continue to succeed in the game of love. For everyone else, we anticipate organic reach will become harder to gain and paid positioning will grow in demand. And Facebook is just one example of many social channels moving toward a “pay-to-play” approach.

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