Facebook Ads Update: A New Way to Market and Sell During the Holidays

September 18, 2018 Jonathan Katz

It’s officially fall and Facebook knows businesses are focused on holiday marketing. Eager to increase their advertising revenue by helping brands promote their latest products and services, Facebook unveiled a few key creative updates to their advertising products.

Facebook Ad Overlays

First introduced last year, ad overlays saw strong adoption by advertisers. Now Facebook is expanding the feature so advertisers can build their own overlays for more compelling images. Plus, overlays can be used year-round for next-level marketing at all times.

Facebook Ad Overlays

Facebook Video Creation Kit Templates

Facebook is also providing marketers with holiday templates in the recently launched video creation kit. This feature allows advertisers to craft mobile-friendly ads with basic footage.

Facebook will be rolling out holiday-themed stickers and templates to assist brands in expertly marketing their products and services for the holiday season.

Facebook Collection Ads

In 2017, Facebook released collection ads (a small catalog of ads users can swipe through to view multiple products without leaving the initial screen) to “visually inspire mobile shoppers.” This holiday season, there are two significant updates to the connection ad toolkit.

Advertisers will soon be able to send prospective shoppers from the collection ad screen to the storefront template. Advertisers can organize products into groupings labelled “Suggested for You” or “Most Viewed,” which may inspire more interaction.

Facebook will also automatically generate videos that include relevant products from an advertiser’s catalog, as long as the advertiser is using the instant storefront template.

Facebook is creating more intuitive ad options to spike engagement throughout the holiday season. With ad overlays encouraging more than 450 million views of Black Friday and other Thanksgiving sales videos last year, it may be safe to assume advertisers will see strong results with these Facebook ad updates.

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An experienced serial entrepreneur in mobile and digital marketing, Jonathan Katz’s expertise consists of an extremely proven track record in search, social and programmatic media. Throughout his 20+ year career, he has scaled start-ups and brands across health insurance, government services, automotive, careers, education, consumer finance and politics. As Chief Media Officer for Digital Media Solutions (DMS), Jonathan provides technical direction across the company in areas of marketing automation, product development, machine language learning, architecture and software technology. He leads the team working across the firm’s diverse set of divisions to drive new product innovation and strategic positioning and also oversees customer acquisition teams across all media channels. Always striving to remain innovative, Jonathan is now charting a new path via artificial intelligence marketing in performance media that will revolutionize the industry.

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