Facebook’s Business Page Updates: Just The Facts

July 15, 2019 Carolyn Harding

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The changes keep rolling in for Facebook, with the latest modification to the site coming August 1st, when select information sections from all business pages will be removed.

What Will Facebook’s Business Page Updates Look Like?

Facebook’s recent announcement outlines a new business page update, removing a numbers of sections, including Company Mission, Overview, Biography, Affiliation and Personal Interests. With this change, the social network is urging users to add the withdrawn information into their page’s Description section.

Why Is Facebook Removing Select Information Sections From Business Pages?

It’s no secret most businesses copy and paste similar information between sections, or provide vague descriptions just to fill the holes. Sections such as Mission, Company Overview and Biography often times contain the same information, just slightly reworded.

Facebook has taken notice to this trend, and, in an ongoing effort to eliminate unnecessary material from business pages, has decided condensing the repeated material into one section will aid in decluttering what has become increasingly redundant for Facebook users to read. Ultimately, the removal of business page sections will help business owners, Facebook as a whole and consumers narrow down what is really important.  

How Will Facebook’s Business Page Updates Affect Digital Marketers?

To put it simply, marketers will need to prioritize. While many brands may look at this as a loss, it can, and should, be used as a time to ask yourself, “What is the essential and valuable information we want to spotlight about our business?” Chances are, you have repeat information throughout your business page, which creates the risk of your message getting lost in the mix.

Marketers need to hone in on the Description section, as this is the key panel Facebook users see first when they click on a company’s page. Once marketers determine what information they want to pull from the expunged sections, the next step is to organize the new and concise message in a clear way that accurately represents their business.

If the company’s purpose and outlook is properly described in the Description section, the deleted sections, like Mission and Company Overview, are essentially variants of the same.

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