Fiat Holds a Funeral to Welcome Bigger and Better

October 16, 2018 Melissa Ledesma

Leveraging the nearing holiday, Fiat produced a macabre yet humorous spot. This two-minute video positions the Fiat 500X as an October sale, whereas most car brands are associated with year-end sales.

As Louise, a newly 30-year-old woman, bids her sparkly high heels, long list of ex-boyfriends and fried chicken adieu, she makes room for the new, sophisticated addition to her life: the Fiat 500X.

With a darkly comedic ad, the Fiat 500X takes Louise to a “better place.” Though she’s growing up, Louise isn’t losing her sense of style with the Fiat 500X’s sleek design and versatile capabilities. Perfect for whatever adult life throws at her, the Fiat 500X gets her there in style.

So how spot-on is the ad with Louise pictured tossing shot glasses, bottles of self-tanner and her parents’ credit card into an empty grave? We asked the 30 somethings of our office how the humor went over.

Reactions from individuals in our office:

That was really funny. I think anyone who’s 30 or nearing 30 can relate to the content. I don’t plan on tossing my drinks into my grave, but this definitely positions Fiat as a prime option for me.

It’s a fun and memorable commercial, but they didn’t spend quite enough time on the value that Fiat can deliver to a 30-something. It’s a creative metaphor for their new crossover vehicle as Louise crosses over from her 20s to her 30s.

Hilarious. That reminds me of my life. I think Fiat did a great job mixing in humor with their sales pitch in this spot.

With smart marketing based on an in-depth understanding of their audience’s psychographics, Fiat reminds us that growing up doesn’t have to be melancholic. With the 500X, we can ride into our adult lives in style.

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