The Gadget Boom Of 2020 Poses A New Opportunity For Advertisers To Reach Consumers During Peak Holiday Season

November 17, 2020 Carolyn Harding

In recent years, the world of “gadgets” has evolved. Old-school gaming systems, music players and similar devices were met with smartwatches, tablets and innovative at-home systems. Subsequently, major retailers like Circuit City and RadioShack were faced with fierce competition from giants like Amazon. But then came the year 2020. And like so many other industries, gadgets are experiencing a new wave of consumer interest from people adapting to their “new normal.”

COVID-19 Aided In The Expansion Of Gadget Offerings

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As consumers remained indoors throughout the pandemic, their shopping priorities – particularly with regards to gadgets – evolved. Expanding beyond the traditional gadget, consumers looked for innovative solutions to the new problems they were facing due to COVID-19.

Consumers concerned for their physical health invested in air filters and pulse oximeters. Parents now responsible for teaching their children at home looked to tablets and laptops for educational resources. People transitioning to remote workstyles sought out home networking equipment to connect their necessary devices. Families that were adjusting to full houses gravitated toward noise-canceling headphones in order to focus. The list goes on. Consumers also began looking to gadgets for entertainment, as they were faced with more free time on their hands, leading to a surge in sales and interest for fan-favorite game consoles like the Nintendo Switch and the forthcoming PlayStation 5.

Amazon Leads The Charge In Today’s Gadget Boom

It may not come as much of a surprise to many that Amazon has successfully leveraged the latest boom in gadget sales to attract a wider audience to its site. The much-anticipated Amazon Prime Day, for example, touted all the pandemic-friendly gadgets today’s consumers are yearning for. From tablets to at-home cooking essentials to home office décor, Amazon had it covered. The retailer also recently shared the addition of a slew of new gadgets to its site – offering a Ring Mailbox Sensor, updated Fire TV Stick, Luna Controller (part of Amazon’s upcoming gaming platform) and more.

Wall Street Journal reporter Dana Mattioli spotlighted the effect Amazon has had on smaller companies looking to connect with more consumers and provide relevant gadget offerings, noting, “Companies with forgettable names making forgettable products — brands created to sell low-margin batteries, cables and Bluetooth speakers — have grown into miniature Amazon conglomerates.” TaoTronics, for example, was once known for its wireless earbuds, but has now expanded its offerings via Amazon to include “space heaters and therapy lamps” as well. Similarly, portable battery supplier Anker is now promoting projectors for consumers looking to binge their favorite Netflix shows while stuck at home. Digital performance advertising campaigns, in which advertisers only pay when consumers take a specified action, like completing a purchase, can be particularly effective for smaller, lesser-known brands, due to their pay-for-performance model and effectiveness. Offers featuring gadgets also tend to perform well in digital ad networks, like the DMS Performance Ad Market

The Holiday Season Allows Brands To Connect With Consumers At The Right Place, At The Right Time

The pandemic-influenced gadget boom is a direct result of consumers’ shifting priorities due to the new circumstances the world is facing. Now, with the holiday shopping season in full swing, consumers’ evolving interests are proving once again that brands across industries have an opportunity to leverage increased consumer demand to reach new audiences at the right time with the right messaging and expand their brand presences and customer bases. Brands that can effectively capitalize on the growing consumer demand for gadgets and stand apart from the crowd in a busy marketplace during a busy shopping period will likely win big this holiday season.

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