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General Mills New Mobile App Helps Collect Box Tops And First-Party Data

August 15, 2019 Jennifer Chang

General Mills’ Box Tops for Education program now has a mobile-friendly app. Instead of collecting and cutting out physical coupons, shoppers can now simply scan their grocery receipts to have their schools earn 10 cents for every participating product purchased. As part of their mobile Box Tops app promotion, General Mills has announced that they will be giving $20,000 makeovers to five schools. Since the launch of the Box Tops program in 1996, General Mills has raised roughly $913 million for schools nationwide.

General Mills Embraces Convenience With New Box Tops App

For years, fundraising parents had to cut out the small cardboard Box Tops from boxes and donate them to local schools. Now, with the new user-friendly General Mills Box Tops mobile app, there is no need for cutting and clipping from physical packages. Mobile users now have the luxury to simply scan a receipt and earn 10 cents for their schools right away. Individuals can see their schools’ earnings in real time, as accumulated fund amounts are automatically updated online. Customers can also earn extra cash for schools by accessing special bonus offers. The Box Tops mobile app also provides the ability to view individual total contributions, letting General Mills customers visualize their contributions. Erin Anderson, Manager of Box Tops for Education stated in a press release, “Modernizing Box Tops to fit the needs of today’s families brings the next generation of supporters and brands into the [Box Tops] program, so we can stay true to our mission: to help schools get what they need.”

General Mills Increases Their Opportunities For Targeting Consumers Through First-Party Data Collection

With their new mobile app, General Mills has an opportunity to build their first-party data set, collecting more detailed and accurate information about its customers. In order to register, individuals must enter their names and email addresses, or they can use their Facebook or Google accounts to log in. The Box Tops app also asks for zip codes, dates of birth and the schools customers wish to donate to. And, of course, the app also collects purchase data — from the scanned receipts. By collecting this data, General Mills has the knowledge of exactly what individuals are buying, how much they are buying and how often. As a result, General Mills can better target their marketing and advertising efforts to fit customer segments.

Like many brands prioritizing more seamless user experiences, General Mills hopes to make their Box Tops app usage as simple as possible for their consumers to encourage increased adoption while generating incremental consumer intelligence.

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