Google Rolls Out New Look For Call-Only Ads: Just The Facts

October 4, 2019 Sarah Cavill

Recently, Google made a few tweaks to the layout of call-only ad units. Early numbers from Google advertisers have been promising. According to Google’s blog post on the change, “On average, advertisers with the new call-only ads design have seen a 14% increase in phone calls, a 16% increase in call conversions and better cost efficiencies with an 8% decrease in overall paid clicks. The new look helps call-only ads stand out from other text ads, reducing accidental clicks from users who didn’t intend to make a call.”

What Do The Changes To Google’s Call-Only Ads Look Like?

Though slight, the changes include a more prominent phone icon, making the intention of the ad more clear. The advertiser’s name and call to action (ex. call now for a free quote) are now listed directly below the number, creating a more coordinated look than the previous version of the call-only ad unit.

Why Are Call-Only Ads Important?

A call made by a consumer to an advertiser can be more valuable and have a higher conversion rate than an inbound data lead, from in inquiry form or something similar, for a number of reasons, including:

  • Call-only ads offer a 100% contact rate.
  • Consumers are often further along in the sales funnel by the time they decide to finally pick up the phone, and they are calling at a time when they are willing and able to talk.
  • Call-only ads are specifically designed for mobile. For advertisers who don’t have mobile-optimized websites or landing pages, call-only ads can help avoid the friction and frustration of a possibly clunky website, because consumers are connected directly with the sales team.

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