Google Click Share Joining Search Campaigns: Just The Facts

March 1, 2019 Victoria Pallien

Google is working to give marketers a better understanding of how their ads are performing by offering the click share metric in search campaigns.

What Is Google Click Share?

Click share, as defined by Google, is the estimated share of all achievable clicks that an ad has received. In other words, click share is the percentage of clicks you received out of the number of clicks Google estimates you could have received had you implemented more extensions or higher bids, for example, to dominate the search results.

Why Is Google Expanding Click Share To Search Campaigns?

Google Expanding Click Share To Search Campaigns

Originally only available in Google Shopping campaigns, click share was implemented because Shopping campaigns didn’t have an average position calculation. Click share was meant to give marketers leveraging shopping campaigns similar metrics to an average position option.

Search Engine Land noted that the average position calculation in Search campaigns has become increasingly less useful due to the removal of right rail ads, which were ads that appeared in the right column on search results pages. Without rail ads, the average position of 2.5 for an ad may result in the ad populating at the bottom of the results page, which likely leads to fewer impressions and less frequent consumer engagement. The click share metric will now supplement the position data to show campaign potential.

When Will Google Click Share Be Available In Search Campaigns?

In a statement on their blog on February 11, Google said, “We’ve begun rolling it [click share] out for Search campaigns and plan to have it available for all Search campaigns in the coming weeks.”

How Will Click Share In Search Campaigns Benefit Marketers?

Click Share In Search Campaigns Benefit Marketers

With click share metrics, marketers will be able to gauge how effective their paid search campaigns are by using click share in conjunction with impression share. Click share aids marketers in identifying where they can boost spend to expand their campaigns and see more clicks and consumer engagement.

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