Google Shopping Introduces New Features: Just The Facts

October 17, 2019 Charlene Sterphone

On October 3, Google announced several major updates to its Google Shopping tool, including an updated Google Shopping homepage with an option to buy products from local stores, enhanced shopping options via Google Lens and price tracking.

What Changes Were Made To The Google Shopping Homepage?

Google shopping mobile device

The new Google Shopping homepage is now personalized with product suggestions based on individual users’ past purchases and shopping research histories. When Google Shopping users are ready to move forward with purchases, they have the option to purchase directly through Google, using saved account information instead of going to retailers’ websites, further streamlining the shopping and checkout processes. Google Shopping also introduced filters to give consumers the option to search for products in stock at local stores.

What Enhancements Were Made To Google Lens?

Google Lens, Google’s visual search tool, introduced a “style ideas” feature, which gives consumers the ability to search for style inspiration online. Google Lens users can scan items of clothing, either in a store, from a social media screenshot or from their own closets, to see how similar pieces have been styled around the web. They can then use the Google Shopping platform to purchase similar or complementary items, providing seamless experiences for users and more visibility to marketers.

How Does Google Price Tracking Work?

For consumers who aren’t ready to finalize their purchases just yet, Google Shopping’s new price tracking feature can help them score the best deals. By enabling the “price track” feature on specific items, users receive notifications on their phones (with email notifications rolling out over the coming weeks) when the prices of the items drop, giving consumers the option to purchase through the Google Shopping interface at lower prices.

How Do The New Google Shopping Updates Impact Marketers?

As we head toward the shopping rush of the holiday season, Google has taken steps to position Google Shopping as a one-stop shop where consumers can do it all: search for style inspiration (taking a page out of Pinterest’s book), research and purchase products via a seamless user experience (similar to how Amazon transactions are completed) and ensure they get the best deals available on their desired products. Google’s integrations with thousands of stores affords marketers additional opportunities to be part of Google’s streamlined and cohesive shopping experience for consumers.

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