Helium with State Farm: They’ve Got You Covered and Laughing

January 15, 2019 Victoria Pallien

Even in bizarre car accidents, State Farm covers their consumers. In this collision ad, the insurance company finds the bright side of a tipped tanker filled with helium blocking what appears to be a three-lane road and causing multiple other accidents.

As the actors’ voices get higher and higher, a side effect from the leaking helium truck, this 30-second ad gets funnier and funnier. The spot closes by reciting State Farm’s notable tagline: Go with the one that’s here to make life go right.

We asked digital marketers in our office how they reacted to the commercial:

That was hilarious. It created a memorable campaign that got a reaction from me. I think this ad will stick with consumers.

I think it’s funny. The characters are strangely calm for an accident situation, maybe because their insurance covers it all, but it’s always funny to see cops act silly. They seem like they’re trying to compete with Geico’s witty approach to marketing campaigns, which is a great way to compete.

It cracks me up every time I watch it. I think it’s hysterical. It left an impression with me.

Whether it’s getting a laugh or building a positive reputation, State Farm seemingly does it all in their latest TV spot.

Warning: Inhaling helium may cause serious health concerns. Read more. 

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