Kool Aid Featuring Lil Jon: Fresh, Innovative & Catchy

December 25, 2018 Sarah Cavill

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There are a lot of commercials about Christmas during the holiday season, but there’s only one featuring Lil Jon and a 60-year Kool Aid pitcher rapping joyfully about the season. Technically, only Lil Jon raps, with the Kool-Aid Man joining in a call and response of his cheerful and iconic “oh yeahs.” Lil Jon, himself famous for the catchphrase “yeah,” can hardly argue with a strong adherence to brand image. This fresh, catchy commercial is fun, youthful and modern.

Embracing an Unexpected Partnership Can Keep Your Brand Fresh

Lil Jon, decked out in Santa Hat and red scarf, joyfully launches into “All I Really Want for Christmas,” shamelessly confessing that what he wants is everything on his very long list, from fancy cars to fancy champagne. Dancers, revelers and Kool-Aid Man dance along, chugging Kool Aid, dumping egg nog down the drain and feeling the spirit of the season.

The spot isn’t complicated, but it’s fun and unlikely, which makes it feel new. Kool Aid, now owned by Kraft Heinz, has been around since 1927. And finding market share in the world of soda, juice and health drinks can be a challenge, making innovation integral to success. Chef Boyardee attempted a similar strategy with their Lil Yachty-Donny Osmond match up touting the pasta brand’s latest product.

Fun Marketing Campaigns Can Be Successful

“It’s not every day people hear a song from two icons like Kool-Aid Man and Lil Jon,” says Rachel Drof, Kraft Heinz’s Marketing Director of Beverages. “We love finding unexpected moments to bring fun into peoples’ lives.” An out-of-the-box strategy that elicits happy feelings, accompanied by a track listeners can’t help but keep humming hours later, can be an effective, youthful way to optimize brand satisfaction among existing and new customers.

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