Hulu Launches Direct Response Ad Format: Just The Facts

July 17, 2020 Carolyn Harding

With a goal of giving viewers the ability to interact with brand commercials directly through the TV screen, Hulu has launched its own ad format, GatewayGo, available on the popular streaming service.

How Does Hulu’s New Ad Format Work?

Hulu’s GatewayGo is an innovative ad format that takes the traditional ads consumers typically see on their TV screens and turns those ads into actionable, interactive offers. Utilizing various channels – from push notifications to QR codes to standard email – viewers can quickly send  brands’ offerings from the TV screens to their personal mobile devices to find additional information on the brands or to view products with the goal of purchasing. Among the first brands to test out Hulu’s GatewayGo ad format were The RealReal, SmileDirectClub and Sweetgreen.

“By leveraging these channels to engage with a brand, we’re inspiring our viewers to take action while delivering on the promise of a better ad-supported viewing experience,” Hulu shared.

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Why Did Hulu Launch GatewayGo?

“This experience builds the foundation for more bottom of the funnel ad experiences that will enable action, and ultimately, transaction, from viewers,” said Jeremy Helfand, Head of Advertising Platforms at DTCI Technology.

Hulu is confident its newest ad format will appeal to a large number of viewers, and subsequently benefit participating brands. The streaming service recently referenced a new study on consumer behavior in a press release, which revealed “6 out of 10 viewers would likely consider purchasing from the brand after redeeming an offer and nearly 50% of viewers claim to have their phones with them on the couch watching TV.” Additionally, MarketingDive noted that “second-screening improves the viewer’s chances of following up on an ad by 75%.”

Hulu is strategically playing on the appeal of second-screening and the large majority of consumers who show a direct correlation between TV viewership and mobile purchases. GatewayGo is effectively offering brands a direct line of communication with viewers, while still giving consumers the feeling that they are in control over which ads they choose to view further. As a result, the new ad format has a strong chance of producing increased actions among consumers, whether through making a direct purchase from a brand or viewing a brands website.

What Does GatewayGo Mean For Digital Marketers?

The launch of Hulu’s direct response ad format presents an opportunity for digital marketers to not only connect with a larger audience, but also easily track the performance of their ads based on traffic to brands’ sites or product purchases. As more and more consumers lean toward streaming services over traditional television (according to Hulu, in April, Hulu engagement jumped 60% year-over-year), brands are likely to gravitate toward innovative and timely options like GatewayGo in order to reach viewers in a natural and interactive way, ultimately boosting brand engagement.

“For our brand partners, the power of this ad experience lies in its ability to give viewers a simple way to engage with brands and take action on their mobile device,” says Laura Nelson, SVP, Cross Portfolio Solutions, Disney Advertising Sales. “Ultimately, this helps advertisers get closer to their conversion goals with Streaming TV.”

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