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Instagram Order Stickers: Just The Facts

June 10, 2019 Victoria Pallien

In another step to make Instagram a full ecommerce platform, the social media site appears to be testing an “order” sticker for Stories.

What Is The Instagram Order Sticker For Stories?

The Instagram order sticker may be a way to complete transactions directly from Instagram Stories.

Instagram has not released a statement about the order sticker so its exact functions are unknown.

Why Is Instagram Testing An Order Sticker?

Instagram is taking significant steps to become a shopping platform, starting with its shoppable tags and, more recently, in-app checkout. While Instagram hasn’t confirmed the purpose of order stickers, it’s clear the platform is rolling out plenty of shopping-oriented options to monetize the site further.

What Does The Instagram Order Sticker Mean For Digital Marketers?

If the Instagram order sticker does indeed allow users to order products directly from a brand’s Instagram Story, marketers will be able to use these stickers to promote certain products or services through compelling images. But more importantly, brands will be able to better track their sales and influence on social media.

What Does The Instagram Order Sticker Mean For Instagram Users?

Assuming again that the Instagram order sticker allows for users to order products directly, Instagram will have created a seamless experience, allowing for users to see products and buy them right away, eliminating the need for searching for the product elsewhere. In theory, the order sticker could encourage more impulse purchases, too.

With social media playing such a crucial role in the modern purchase process, the Instagram order sticker will likely be a well-used feature.

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