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January & February Higher Education Lead Generation Volume Predictions

January 19, 2017 DMS Marketing Analytics Team

Historically, 54.4% of January’s inquiries are generated during the first 16 days of the year. Based on this month’s volume to date, January is on pace to end up with volume up 27.1% from December and down 3.5% YOY. This month-over-month change is an improvement from January 2016, which delivered an increase of just 18.2%.

February has less variance in volume than January. Throughout the month, we have historically seen volume levels on par with the second half of January. On average, external source volume drops 13.9% in February, and volume from internal sources slip 7.4% compared to the prior month.

The chart below shows monthly volume totals from January 2016 to January 2017, with projections for the end of January 2017. Moving further into 2017, we believe the volume trends will be positive. Early signs of expansion for programs that passed regulatory hurdles combined with the continued growth of internal marketing channels should result in strong inquiry generation performance throughout the year.

Want to know more about we we project for next month? Contact the team at DMS.

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