Jersey Mike’s Trades Sandwiches For Downloads

September 4, 2019 Carolyn Harding

Jersey Mike's, the fan-favorite sub shop, began a 14-week, 16-stop tailgating tour to promote its new mobile app, MyMike’s, where users can order food and earn rewards.

MyMike’s Targets College Football Fans

MyMike’s Targets College Football Fans Jersey Mike's

Taking advantage of the highly anticipated college football season, Jersey Mike’s has created pop-up stands for game days, inviting tailgaters and football fans alike to show their MyMike’s app at the counter to access free samples. For attendees who don't have the app already installed, they can receive free samples by downloading MyMike’s and registering for the MyMike's rewards program. As a promotion for the recently launched app, Jersey Mike’s is offering a free regular sub when a customer buys one through the new app.

Jersey Mike's didn’t stop there. Each pop-up location is offering custom geofilters on Snapchat, interactive lawn games, an outdoor lounge and giveaways, including branded swag. The sandwich chain has also presented the “Jersey Mike’s: A Sub Above CFB Tailgate Sweepstakes,” where one lucky winner – who has downloaded the MyMike’s app, of course – will receive a trip to the Rose Bowl on New Year's Day.

Interactive Elements + Mobile Apps = A Wider Audience Reach

By adding interactive components – like the geotargeted Snapchat filter – into the recent tailgating campaign, Jersey Mike’s has taken a modern approach to driving downloads to its new app and ongoing rewards program. The sandwich chain is also giving fans the chance to share their experience with fellow users via user-generated content (UGC), opening the door to a larger audience and potentially expanding the campaign’s reach.

According to Rich Hope, Jersey Mike’s chief marketing officer, “The goal of the tailgate tour is to deliver a high-level experience for fans and introduce them to our updated mobile app.”

Mobile apps are continuing to prove beneficial for digital marketers, as consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable making purchases through their smartphones. In fact, a recent study from Market Force Information shared 39% of fast food customers said they ordered meals through their smartphones in the prior 90 days. And, according to Mobile Marketer the majority of restaurant operators believe guest-facing mobile apps can reduce labor costs, improve speed of service, promote loyalty and drive profitability via repeat business.

Jersey Mike’s Taps Into The Out-Of-Home Marketing Trend

The recent tailgating campaign from Jersey Mike's is just one of many brands incorporating out-of-home (OOH) marketing to create experiential campaigns for consumers. Popular chicken wing chain, Wingstop, recently hosted a "Flavor World" tour at 15 locations. The campaign gave away freshly made wings and allowed fans the opportunity to appear in customized commercials, meant to be shared among friends and followers on social media.

OOH is undoubtedly becoming a powerful tool for driving consumers to physical locations. OOH ad revenue in the U.S. grew to $8 billion in 2018, with big name brands like Facebook and Uber doubling their OOH spend last year. Digital marketers should take note of this upward trend and learn from interactive multi-channel campaigns like Jersey Mike’s, as OOH global spend is predicted to reach $33 billion by 2021.

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