Land Rover Launches New Multi-Platform Campaign For Latest Evoque Model

July 3, 2019 Sarah Cavill

Land Rover has launched a new campaign, “Live for the City,” in conjunction with the release of the 2020 Range Rover Evoque. This smaller, sleek Range Rover model has been successful with Land Roveryounger, more diverse city dwellers and women. Since the introduction of the Evoque more than three years ago, women have grown to 62% of the consumer base for the Range Rover entry-level SUV segment. The new Evoque campaign includes out-of-home (OOH) activations, partnerships and commercials.

“The Evoque is the vehicle that brought a whole new generation of consumers into the Range Rover family and showed that Range Rover refinement and capability can be found in a compact SUV,” said Stuart Schorr, Vice President of Communications for Jaguar Land Rover North America.

Several Out-Of-Home Campaign Activations Are Taking Place In Major Cities For The Evoque

City dwellers, targets of the new Evoque campaign, have likely seen the massive OOH advertisements Land Rover has launched in support of the new model. The Oculus at One World Trade Center in New York City featured massive video billboards through June 9th, and, according to Land Rover, an Evoque will climb to the top of a popular L station in Chicago in the near future. The Hotel Figueroa in Los Angeles will be the site of a custom-painted Evoque mural at the end of the summer. “The Evoque is such a visually striking automobile that we wanted to bring it to life in really unique outdoor displays in three of our largest metropolitan markets,” said Schorr.

Several Unique Partnerships Will Help Promote The New Range Rover Evoque

Aligning with another business can be an effective way to promote a new marketing campaign, using the strength of both partners. Strategic partnerships can also offer promotions that are fun for consumers, particularly when a brand wants to target a certain audience. Land Rover has partnered with audio company Master & Dynamic to release the co-branded, bespoke MW07 True Wireless Earphones. Available in two colors exclusive to the Range Rover Evoque, the earphones are designed with the elegance, high quality and attention to detail a Land Rover customer would expect.

A reflection of Land Rover’s reputation for refinement and its importance to the brand is being highlighted through a partnership with media company Cool Hunting. Photographers in 10 major cities around the country, including New York, Chicago, LA and San Francisco are featured in short videos explaining why they love their cities and how well-suited the Evoque is to their lifestyles. The series, called “A Refined Point of View,” feels young and has a bit of an edge, but the spots are also posh and on brand for a luxury retailer like Land Rover.

According to Marketing Dive, the Cool Hunting partnership “instills a sense of authenticity in Land Rover’s campaign, a marketing theme that more strongly resonates with consumers, particularly millennial women.” The collaboration can be found on landroverusa.com, shared across Land Rover’s social channels, particularly LinkedIn, and will appear in movie theaters throughout the summer months.

Land Rover Launches The Evoque TV Campaign With "Dog’s Dream" Commercial

Land Rover will be launching a series of TV commercials beginning with "Dog’s Dream," because everyone loves dogs in cars. Land Rover is calling the spots vignettes and will air them on channels that “resonate with the Range Rover consumer including Bravo, E!, HGTV, Cooking Channel, Travel Channel, CNN, BBC America, ESPN, NFL Network and FX.”

The implementation of new marketing initiatives, even for an existing product, can be an opportunity to attract new consumers and create buzz. By creating a multi-platform campaign, Land Rover’s “Live for the City” promotion targets a growing demographic group for the brand, while staying true to Land Rover’s corporate image.

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