LinkedIn Launches New Personalized Product Pages

November 15, 2010 Digital Media Solutions

LinkedIn Product Page

Expanding upon the “Company Pages” feature recently implemented, where members are able to follow companies, LinkedIn now provides an added service that will allow users to submit product and service reviews for a company.

Companies with profiles already on the site will be able to add features such as product listings, multimedia, and a tab for member reviews.  In addition, once a member submits a product recommendation, their review becomes visible to all contacts in their network, helping spread the word of their endorsement, and in turn promote company brand awareness.

LinkedIn serves as a business social network in order to help users build professional networks and gain contacts. Over 80 million are already members worldwide, and this is continuing to grow. But with the increase of business marketing tools on Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is looking to maintain its hold on the social needs of the business community.

The uses of the tab seem obvious. It will be interesting to see what types of companies and organizations make use of the new service in the months ahead. 

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