Luxury Travel Brand Inspirato Launches A Subscription Service For High-End Travelers

August 7, 2019 Sarah Cavill

It’s hard to turn a corner and not bump into a subscription service. While not a new idea, the rise of subscriptions is a significant digital marketing story in 2019 for brands looking to diversify their consumer bases, capitalize on trends and increase revenues. 


How to most effectively facilitate a subscription service that is frictionless for consumers and in-demand enough to be continually renewed is an ongoing experiment for brands and businesses. One company, Inspirato, is boldly courting their high-end consumer base with a travel pass offering essentially limitless vacations at 60,000 worldwide luxury vacations homes, hotels and resorts. 

“The conceptualization of Inspirato Pass was a natural next step in the evolution of the luxury travel space,” said Brent Handler, Inspirato’s Founder and CEO. “Pass gives affluent travelers the freedom to book a wider variety of trips and experiences on a more frequent basis, without the burden of nightly rates all at tremendous value.”

Personalized, Luxury Travel Is Growing In Popularity And Brands Are Meeting The Trend

A recent report from Virtuoso, a network of travel agencies specializing in luxury and experiential travel, revealed luxury travelers are interested in one-of-kind experiences that read less as touristy and more as curated to the traveler’s individual wants and needs. Along with Inspirato, luxury travel agencies like Abercrombie & Kent and Zicasso are matching travelers with specialty vacations, planned down to the dinner drinks and offering personalized service, a throwback to travel-planning before the internet took over.

Inspirato is the first luxury travel company to meet this personalized travel trend with a subscription service. The brand’s luxury vacations and packages – everything from romantic culinary adventures to family-friendly African safaris – are now available starting at $2500/month, with no nightly rates, taxes or fees and an initial term of six months. The monthly subscription fee does not include airfare or additional travel expenses. The subscription is tiered and includes a $7500/month version allowing pass-holders limitless sharing of vacations and up to three reservations at a time.

Like Other Subscription Services, The Inspirato Pass Can Offer The Opportunity For Brands To Diversify

Inspirato Pass is a subscription which may not be accessible to the majority of travelers. However, it is cheaper than the cost of most Inspirato vacations by a significant amount, giving Inspirato users the chance to travel the way they want on smaller budgets. By creating a plan that is still focused on their core customer base of luxury travelers, Inspirato may be more likely to entice subscribers who previously only booked one or two vacations a year.

"The very definition of luxury is changing. It is much more about the luxury of experience, rather than just thread count. It's no longer only about having the top suite in a hotel, flying first-class or dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant. It is increasingly about privacy, exclusivity and customization,” said Keith Baron, President, Abercrombie & Kent.

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