Nike: 3 Iconic Marketing Campaigns of the 21st Century

September 7, 2018 Victoria Pallien

Nike. The enduring and larger than life athletic brand didn’t receive its iconic reputation overnight. Nike built its image through motivational messaging and premier athletes.

“Just do it” has become a mantra, beyond the game, connecting with the lifestyle and aspirations of consumers. Let’s take a look at some of Nike’s greatest campaigns of the 21st century.

Nike: Find Your Greatness

In 2012, Nike debuted their “Find Your Greatness” campaign, which highlighted unlikely individuals showing their true capabilities. The marketing message, which received praise from Forbes, encouraged Nike consumers to go beyond stereotypes and push their boundaries.

With or without an audience, individuals can find their greatness on the court or the streets.

Nike: Unlimited You

Four years after their success with the “Find Your Greatness” campaign, Nike pushed their “Unlimited You” campaign, with yet another inspirational marketing memo. In spot #3 on Ad Age’s Best of 2016 for TV and film, this powerful ad portrays infants, teenagers and adults beginning their quest for greatness.

Aired during the Rio Olympics, this commercial encourages consumers to go above and beyond. The Nike ad promoted well-known athletes such as Serena Williams and regular, everyday people show their skills.

Nike: Dream Crazy

Released on September 5, 2018, Nike’s most recent campaign, titled, “Dream Crazy,” created insurmountable attention. Within just a few days of airing, CNBC noted that Nike garnered $163.5 million in buzz, $49.1 million of negative, $48.8 million neutral and $65.6 million positive.

With controversial athlete inclusions, like Lebron James, Lacey Baker and activist Colin Kaepernick, Nike’s ad promotes putting beliefs above all, ending the two-minute video with a powerful quote: “Don’t ask if your dreams are crazy, ask if your dreams are crazy enough.”

Nike’s messaging evolves with the times and lifestyles of its audience to craft compelling marketing campaigns and sell roughly 25 pairs of shoes every second. Nike has built its brand as authentic and undefeatable.

Check out more of Nike’s incredible marketing in DMS Marketing Madness — Round 2: Farmers vs. Twitter vs. Lacoste vs. Nike and Love, a Movement: The Top 10 Pride Campaigns & Marketing Lessons.


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