Nonprofit Email Statistics: What Nonprofit Organizations Need To Know

April 23, 2019 Victoria Pallien

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Email marketing is ever-changing as the world of digital marketing evolves. As email marketing trends sway, nonprofit organizations should adapt their campaigns to better reach constituents and optimize donation potential.

Here are a few top takeaways from the 2018 Blackbaud Luminate Online Benchmark Report, which provides insights to evaluate the strength of nonprofit email campaigns and unveil areas for growth.

Nonprofit Email Contacts Value in 2018

  • Each usable email address on nonprofits’ lists was worth $14.23 in annual revenue.

Nonprofit Email Sending Volume in 2018

  • The rate of email sending growth slowed last year. Email lists grew at 7.1%, nearly the same rate as the number of emails sent (7.6%), which is a positive sign for deliverability.

Percent Of Nonprofit Email Lists Donating In 2018

  • Nonprofits received donations from 18.4% of their email lists. Some verticals saw even more success. For example, health services and research saw a full 60% of their lists donating, while food banks and hospital foundations received monetary gifts from 28% and 24% of their lists.

Nonprofit Sustainer Programs Revenue In 2018

  • Sustainer revenue generated by email grew by 18.4% whereas non-sustainer donations grew by 7.4%. Some monthly donations grew as much as 40%.

Fundraising Email Conversion Rates In 2018

  • Fundraising email open rates declined by 7.06%, but click rates increased by 4.35%, so overall conversion rates remained steady.

First-Time Giving Rates In 2018

  • First-time giving from email and online initiatives struggled throughout 2018 and decreased in growth by -6.25% to 1.5%.

Nonprofit Retention Rates In 2018

  • There was strong growth in retention last year. Repeat online giving increased by 13.8%.

Average Nonprofit Donations By Vertical in 2018 Blackbaud

While first-time giving growth slowed last year, nonprofit organizations saw an increase in recurring donors. Fundraising email open rates declined, but click rates increased. It’s important for nonprofit marketers to stay aware of email trends so they can appropriately adjust their campaigns, optimizing them for the best performance possible.

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