P&G’s Newest Data-Driven Innovation: Pampers Smart Diapers

August 6, 2019 Charlene Sterphone

There are so many exciting firsts for babies and new parents. Baby’s first bath, baby’s first outing, baby’s first… app? Although mobile apps designed to track and monitor babies’ activities, like nursing, feeding or diaper changes aren’t new, Pampers has partnered with Verily and Logitech to create what it calls “the world’s first all-in-one connected care system” for babies.

Lumi By Pampers Aims To Provide “True Insight” To Parents

The Lumi by Pampers system features smart diapers with an attachable sensor that monitors when a baby’s diaper is wet, alerting parents via push notifications on the Lumi app. The Lumi system Lumi by Pampersincludes a Logitech 1080p video monitor with two-way audio and night vision, and also measures room temperature and humidity. The data from the sensor and video monitor is compiled into the Lumi app, enabling parents to “go from sight to true insight” by visualizing their baby’s patterns and emerging routines.

Pampers plans to release the system in the U.S. this fall and has a wait list for parents to sign up for early access to the Lumi system. Although specific pricing details have not yet been released, the Lumi diaper price is expected to be in the same price range as existing Pampers diapers, and the connected diapers will be available for purchase on a subscription basis.

P&G Continues To Focus On First-Party Data And More Robust Product Technology

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, Marc Pritchard, P&G’s Chief Brand Officer, suggested more technology-infused products could lead to a shift away from more traditional advertising methods. “When you think about an IoT technology on a daily basis and it's giving you feedback — that's a lot more useful than an ad,” Pritchard said. “When you have these types of technologies embedded in products, it actually makes them more central to the brand building experience,” he added.

By offering the Lumi system, Pampers, P&G’s largest brand, will have access to robust first-party data and detailed consumer analytics, part of a growing trend among brands, particularly in the wearables market. The new Lumi by Pampers system is the latest in a number of innovations among top baby brands, as they evolve both in terms of their marketing and their product offerings to continue to deliver what today’s data-driven consumers want.

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