Peloton Profile Tags: Just The Facts

May 5, 2020 Sarah Cavill

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Peloton has introduced a new “Tags” feature that allows riders and runners to sort their leaderboards by members who have similar interests within the groups or “Tribes” they ride with on Peloton. 

What Are Groups And Tribes On Peloton?

Although many people who enjoy Peloton use their bikes at home, especially now, the spirit of Peloton is with the community vibe of spin and fitness classes. Riders high five one another while biking and gravitate to their favorite instructors. Groups and tribes, mostly created on Facebook and shared in Peloton profiles, are like-minded people that riders can seek out to ride with. Groups can be based on anything including experience level, gender, hometown or favorite whiskey.

How Do Peloton Tags Work With Groups And Tribes?

Tags can be created by anyone just by tapping the “create or search” button within the Peloton app or dashboard. Riders, or runners -- the tags are also for the Peloton Tread -- can add up to 10 tags to their profiles, but easily drop and add tags as desired. The tags allow riders who may be overwhelmed by the thousands of people from groups riding together to more easily find their friends on the leaderboard -- perhaps for extra encouragement or to find riders with similar fitness levels. Peloton tags are displayed on a third line of members’ blurbs on the leaderboard.

Why Has Peloton Added Tags?

Peloton tags

In addition to more high fives and interaction, Forbes reports that Peloton wants to encourage community building, particularly now when so many people are self-isolating. “Peloton is hoping to bring its members closer together with its latest feature: profile tags. You’ll be able to create your own tags or use existing ones. It seems the idea is for members to form communities around tags based on their interests. You can browse trending tags and connect with other people who have them on their profiles.”

When Will Peloton Tags Become Widely Available?

The Peloton tags feature became widely available at the end of April. For Peloton, which has grappled with some mixed press about not being accessible to the masses, the tags are a smart way to encourage community building, both within Peloton and across social media. Members may be more likely to stay on-board with Peloton classes if they feel connected to fellow riders and groups, and the tags allow Peloton to tout the brand’s diverse membership, while continuing to develop the unique qualities of the leaderboard and competitive spirit of Peloton.

Why Are Peloton Tags Relevant For Digital Marketers?

During the COVID-19 crisis, brands, like Peloton, that are quickly adapting and growing their community outreach are in a good position to maintain member loyalty and even scale revenues despite the change in circumstances. 

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