Perillo Travel VR Aims To Revolutionize Travel Marketing With Its New Virtual Reality App

July 10, 2019 Charlene Sterphone

Perillo Travel

Perillo Travel VR is enjoying a moment in the sun. The offshoot of Perillo Tours, most well-known for its TV commercials in the 1980s and 1990s featuring “Mr. Italy” Mario Perillo, has been generating some buzz lately. In May, Adam Sandler parodied the Perillo Tours TV spots in a segment entitled “Romano Tours” during Saturday Night Live, garnering nearly 2 million views on YouTube. Despite it being a “total surprise” to current CEO Steve Perillo, the timing couldn’t have been better for Perillo Travel VR, as it led right into the June rollout of their enhanced VR app.

Perillo Expands Further Into Virtual Reality Campaigns

Perillo first introduced a virtual reality-focused campaign in July 2018 by sending VR headsets to travel agents, allowing them to view Perillo’s initial VR videos featuring immersive 360-degree views of popular tourist sites. Then last month, Perillo announced they were moving forward with the next phase of their VR rollout, partnering with travel companies to produce new VR marketing videos and hosting them on the Perillo VR app. The app currently features VR video experiences from Perillo Tours in Italy, London Bike Tours, One World Trade Center, Jamaica Tourism and more. All videos can be viewed through a cardboard Perillo VR headset or any other VR viewing device.

Perillo Aims To Revolutionize Travel Industry Marketing

Perillo Revolutionize Travel Industry Marketing

According to President of Perillo Travel VR John Graham, “The future is all about visualization, and I think what we’re doing here is really going to change the way travel is viewed, not only now but in the future.” Perillo aims to popularize VR technology across the travel industry, and with increased VR affordability, they believe the technology will help boost travel agent sales. “It’s [VR] going to help advisors close the sales process. What better way to show a client a destination?”

Graham plans to host other brands’ videos on the Perillo app for free for the remainder of the year and then begin charging for hosting in 2020. Companies that utilize Perillo’s production services and then host on the Perillo VR app will receive 100 free headsets to distribute to their top travel agents.

Perillo’s innovation can serve as a lesson for other mature brands that may be somewhat stagnant in their marketing and distribution channels. Perillo is holding true to one of their core missions, enabling travelers to experience breathtaking faraway destinations, but they have found a fresh and contemporary way to connect with new audiences.

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