Pest Control Companies Promote Content To Acquire Customers

March 3, 2021 Erin Sweeney

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When homeowners or businesses struggle with a pest infestation, they often turn to the internet for information, and pest control companies want to be the first resource they find. Many of the top pest control companies, including Orkin, Terminix, Aptive Environmental and Massey Services, use content marketing to drive traffic to their websites. Articles with in-depth information on pests and pest control can build consumer confidence and position pest control brands as industry experts. Discounts, incentives and easy access to online contact forms and chat features can turn browsing consumers into customers. 

Orkin Provides Science Education Content

“Pest control down to a science” is the motto of Orkin, a heritage company with more than 100 years in the pest control industry. Orkin reinforces their commitment to science by supporting science education in public schools, providing a wide range of educational resources on their website for science teachers, parents and students, including lesson plans, articles, videos and craft projects. Teachers can also schedule classroom visits from the Orkin Man, an insect specialist. Orkin’s “Start With Science” initiative raises funds for science and math projects in public schools through DonorsChoose.org, and Orkin also supports the O. Orkin Insect Zoo within the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History. With more than a million annual visitors, Orkin’s brand name on the zoo develops brand identity and establishes the company as a team of entomological experts. 

Terminix Offers Expertise In Pest Control With Blog And Enewsletter

Terminix, also a heritage brand in the pest control industry, claims “No one knows pests like we do.” To highlight their expertise and gain customer confidence, the Terminix blog, The Buzz, includes informative articles on pests and infestations, educational resources and a DIY section. A pop-up window incentivizes readers to sign up for the Terminix enewsletter to receive a free download of The Ultimate Termite Guide and future outreach that likely includes promotions served in the spring and summer, when consumers usually begin looking for pest control services. Additionally, Terminix publishes answers to common insect-related questions, including “why do ants crawl in a line” and “do bees die after stinging?” Inclusion of commonly asked questions and other high-performing keywords and phrases within content can enhance SEO performance to help reach consumers when they’re looking for information or services.

Aptive Environmental Educates Consumers With ‘Pest Library’ 

Aptive Environmental is a rapidly expanding pest control company based in Utah. The company’s marketing focuses on the importance of home, using the tagline “Creating Happier Homes.” The Aptive Environmental online platform features a Pest Library and a blog to educate homeowners on what types of pests they have and how to manage infestations, with articles that create urgency for treatment and provide service solutions to mitigate problems. A prominent “Buy Online” button on the Aptive Environmental website links to a lead form consumers can fill in to get a quote or further information.

Massey Services Uses Social Media For Year-Round Customer Engagement

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Massey Services is a Florida-based company that combines landscaping and irrigation services with pest control. The company publishes a comprehensive blog that visitors can filter by topic, including services, locations and purpose. Massey Services also regularly posts to its social media channels, using interactive, relevant content to keep followers engaged throughout the year. To turn visitors into regular customers, the Massey website promotes a coupon that links to a form where website visitors can schedule a free inspection.  

Pest control companies are using content marketing to increase their web visibility and drive traffic to their websites to further engage and convert consumers. By varying types of content and leveraging multi-channel digital campaigns that reach broad audience sets, the top pest control companies are reaching consumers when they’re ready to take action.

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