Pinterest Video Suite For Brands: Just The Facts

July 17, 2019 Melissa Ledesma


Pinterest is the latest social media giant offering new tools and meeting the rising interest for video content. Not long after going public and in response to heightened user demand for more videos, Pinterest launched a full suite of new video tools for brands and creators to easily post engaging video content. The latest updates were introduced on July 10.  

What Video Content Tools Did Pinterest Launch For Marketers?

Recently at VidCon 2019 in Anaheim, California, Pinterest unveiled its four new features to help brands and creators easily upload videos directly to the visual platform. These new video features include:

  • Updated Video Uploader:

Pinterest’s reworked video upload tool enhances the ease and efficiency of uploading content directly to the Pinterest platform. The updated uploader will make the process less intimidating for new video posters and less complicated for users who are more familiar with the simplicity of video uploading offered by Pinterest competitors Instagram and Facebook.

  • Video Tab For Pinterest Business Profiles:

The new video tab enables brands to organize and feature their videos in one place. The tab is a more aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly view for Pinterest users which could help businesses positively grow their brand’s recognition.

  • Analytics Tool:

The new Pinterest analytics tool provides brands the opportunity to better review, understand and analyze traffic sourced from the platform, which may benefit marketers by allowing them to get more data from their Pinterest presence and optimize performance over time.

  • Pin Scheduler:

The Pinterest pin scheduler allows creators and business pages to effortlessly schedule video posts in advance.


With these recently announced new video features, Pinterest is giving an organic boost to marketers looking to promote video content on their business and brand pages. The iconic, virtual-inspiration platform’s four new video tools all work together to encourage Pinterest advertisers to create video content that will entice actions among pinners.

How Is Video Content Unique On Pinterest?

Unlike Instagram and Facebook, Pinterest’s Chief Marketing Officer Andréa Mallard noted, during her presentation at VidCon, that videos on Pinterest have a much longer shelf life than its competition. Mallard explained that Pinterest videos never disappear from content feeds and resurface over time. The permanency of video content posted on the image-pinning site is thereby easily discovered and revisited by Pinterest users.

The latest Pinterest video updates are already available for all business accounts in France, Germany and English-speaking countries. Although there is no firm date for global launch, marketers worldwide can anticipate these features will soon become available.  

How Do Pinterest Users Engage With Video Content?

Since 2018, the brand says the platform experienced a 31% increase in inquiries for “inspirational videos.” Pinterest also noted that, from a survey of its users, 54% claimed to be more likely to take action after viewing a video on Pinterest versus other competing social media platforms. Pinterest is hopeful new tools intended to support brands and businesses will increase engagement and ad revenue on the platform.

The videos in highest demand by Pinterest users are how-to videos, tutorials and brand stories. According to Pinterest, the beauty and food industries experienced the greatest rise in search volume with searches for “hair dye videos” up 276%, makeup tutorial videos dominating at an impressive increase of 2,063%, “overnight oats” how-to videos soaring up 3,712% and “lasagna recipe” videos up 3,462%.

Global foodie community, Tastemade, is a key example of an early Pinterest video content adopter with stellar results. Year-to-date Tastemade has more than one billion video views and 200 million engagements from its Pinterest videos. Their followers have doubled since 2018. Tastemade CEO and Founder Larry Fitzgibbon was quoted on Pinterest’s newsroom regarding his brand’s immense success with videos on the site. He said, “It’s clear that Pinterest users are hungry for videos that are both entertaining and actionable.”

What Does The New Pinterest Video Suite Mean For Digital Marketers?

With more than 250 million monthly active users (MAUs), Pinterest outranks LinkedIn, Twitter, SnapChat and WhatsApp (in the US). In fact, it is the fourth-highest ranking social media platform in the US. In May, SproutSocial reported that 79.5% of Pinterest’s MAUs were women. The share of audience made up by men has steadily grown since Pinterest’s initial launch from only 14% in 2013 to 20.5% in 2019. Even though women still dominate as monthly site users, Pinterest’s newsroom says 40% of new Pinterest user registrations are men. This social pinning-platform is evolving, and its latest video suite for brands shows its commitment to supporting innovation.

As Pinterest continues to transition its focus to video content and enhance its advertising platform, marketers may have more flexibility to post and promote content that highly engages target audiences. If your current video content strategy is comprised of prioritizing YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, adding Pinterest could diversify your marketing approach. Especially, if you are spearheading the promotional efforts for beauty, food/beverage, apparel or travel brands, you may want to revisit your Pinterest strategy and use its strengthened analytics tool and video posting platform to stimulate your targets to take action.

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