Real-Time Lead Scoring Proven to Decrease Scrub Rates and Boost Transfer Rates

May 16, 2016 Kathy Bryan

The DMS team recently proved that real-time lead scoring can immediately and dramatically reduce scrub rates while boosting transfer rates. Enhancing performance of these early milestones can have a significant impact on all KPIs that follow.

The Challenge: Boost Transfer Rates to Impact Start Rates

A higher education institution and client of DMS was looking for an immediate and inexpensive solution that would reduce their campaign scrub rates while boosting transfer rates. This needed to be accomplished without making optimizations that might compromise the longer-term campaign strategy focused on hitting the school’s target start rate.

Download the case study. 

The Solution: Implement Real-Time PII Scoring to Filter Leads

After an assessment of historical data to confirm it would be effective, DMS implemented Neustar Multi-Point Identity Confidence for the real-time scoring of personally identifiable information (PII). Using their IANSM (Identifiers, Attributes and Network) platform, the Neustar MPIC service evaluated and scored the quality of the association between a name and each identifier provided (address, phone numbers, email address). The higher the assigned score, the more likely the data was associated to the name. In addition to validating inquiry information, MPIC scores identified the best channels for contacting a prospect.

Sparkroom performance marketing technology  integrates with Neustar to allow for real-time MPIC scoring. As soon as inquiries were received within Sparkroom, they were instantly sent to Neustar to be appended with MPIC scores, and then immediately sent back to Sparkroom. Custom validation logic and processes based on a review of historical data, including rejection and routing, were built within Sparkroom to leverage the MPIC data to achieve operational efficiencies by focusing on inquiries most likely to represent future conversions.

MPIC-based rejections are not considered “scrubs,” so another benefit of this solution was the immediate reduction of the overall scrub rate. Vendors were able to access Sparkroom to see the MPIC scores and verification statuses of the leads they provided. This information was very valuable to vendors; they used it to optimize their campaigns and achieve lower rejection and higher conversion rates.

Download the case study. 

The Results: Substantially Lower Scrub Rates and Higher Transfer Rates

Because MPIC scoring runs in real time at the very start of the inquiry lifecycle, it has the capacity to immediately impact campaign performance. The school saw a 4.9% reduction in their scrub rate during the first month after MPIC scoring was launched and the related validation logic was implemented. The average scrub rate for the six months after launch was 7.3% lower than the average rate for the six months prior, resulting in an 11.6% boost in their transfer rate.

Download the case study. 

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