Reddit Introduces Trending Takeover: Just The Facts

March 17, 2020 Carolyn Harding

Reddit is offering prime advertising real estate to brands through the launch of its first ad unit, “Trending Takeover,” aligning brands with the most popular trends of the day.

What Is Reddit’s Trending Takeover?

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Trending Takeover allows brands to reach visitors by purchasing advertisement spots on two of the most heavily visited areas within Reddit: the Search tab and the Popular feed. Similar to Twitter’s “Promoted Trends” offering, each Reddit Trending Takeover ad spot purchased by a brand will be the first item users see when they visit Reddit’s homepage or search for a specific topic.

When a user clicks on a Reddit Trending Takeover ad, they are taken to a landing page featuring conversations, posts and communities, all of which are based on keywords the advertiser self-selects. Each Reddit Trending Takeover brand campaign will have a maximum lifespan of 24 hours.

According to Reddit, the Trending Takeover ad platform is an auction-based system, stating, “The bid you place is the highest CPM (cost per thousand impressions), CPC (cost per click), or CPV (cost per view) that you’re willing to pay for your ad to be seen or clicked by the target audience.”

Why Did Reddit Create Trending Takeover?

Home to more than 430 million monthly active users, Reddit gives advertisers the ability to run campaigns across its site in order to raise brand awareness, drive conversions and generate website traffic. But, with the launch of the Trending Takeover ad product, brands will be able to reach even more consumers who are already in an information-gathering mindset. Reddit says the Popular feed alone is used by a third of the site’s visitors daily, and the Reddit Search tab reaches millions every single day.

“For Reddit, a large focus for 2020 is about maximizing new and premium opportunities for brands to authentically engage with Reddit users,” said Shariq Rizvi, Vice President of Ads Product and Engineering at Reddit.

In addition to the increased visibility, another major benefit of Reddit Trending Takeover is that each brand campaign can be designed to align with trending topics in real time, during the day the campaign runs. “For instance, a brand could run a trending ad on the day their brand became a part of the trending section organically,” according to TechCrunch.

What Type Of Opportunities Does Reddit Trending Takeover Present For Digital Marketers?

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According to Reddit, in recent months, Reddit beta-tested Trending Takeover with more than 15 partners, resulting in a slew of positive results. Method (a consumer goods company), for example, tested Trending Takeover and experienced a click-through rate that was two times higher than the industry standard for social platforms.

With the creation of Trending Takeover, brands have the opportunity to connect with millions of consumers, establish cultural relevance among top trends and position themselves at the center of discussion. Now is the time for marketers to tap into Reddit’s most commonly visited areas in order to drive further engagement and visibility.

“With millions of searches taking place every day and over one-third of users coming to Reddit’s Popular feed daily, brands can now be part of where cultural trends are born online — Reddit,” said Rizvi.

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