Roku Ads: Just The Facts

May 29, 2019 Victoria Pallien

As over-the-top (OTT) streaming grows in popularity, Roku announced an initiative focused on transitioning ad dollars from traditional TV to OTT.

What Is Roku’s New Measurement Tool?

Roku measurement tool

The new measurement tool from Roku can analyze the number of times an ad was viewed by Roku users watching traditional TV for a three-month period, according to AdAge. The tool then calculates how many more unique viewers the ad could reach if it was aired on OTT streaming. Roku’s tool will help brands reach consumers who are “unreachable” on traditional TV.

Roku Vice President of Sales and Strategy Alison Levin said, “We’re working with partners, helping them understand and quantify how much viewing is moving from linear to OTT. So, brands can become whole again and find audiences they’ve been losing.” This new measurement tool from Roku will be able to analyze the commercials viewed on more than 10 million smart TVs that use Roku’s software, Levin noted.

Why Is Roku Aiming To Direct Advertisers Toward OTT TV?

Roku is hoping to redirect advertisers to their OTT service from traditional TV as their service is growing steadily. This year, 205 million people will view some type of OTT TV through providers like Roku, YouTube, Hulu or Netflix. Plus, the OTT market is projected to grow 2.5% this year, reaching 72% of all internet users in the U.S.

Roku expects to reach $1 billion in ad revenue this year and currently reaches 29 million households with its streaming box, which is up 40% year-over-year.

What Does Roku’s Measurement Tool Mean For Marketers?

Roku’s tool will help marketers understand how to reconnect with consumers who have drifted away from traditional TV. In fact, this measurement tool will enable marketers identify opportunities to spend their ad budgets where they may see the most return on investment.

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