Snapchat Brand Profile Pages: Just The Facts

July 20, 2020 Sarah Cavill

Shutterstock_529584733 OXFORD, UK - DECEMBER 5th 2016: Snapchat logos printed onto paper. Snapchat is a popular social media application for sharing messages, images and videos

Snapchat recently announced that, starting soon, several brands will have their own profile pages on the social media platform, with 30 brands likely to join the beta test in the next six months. The Snapchat brand profile page launch comes at a time of unforeseen growth in ecommerce usage and a slew of tech and social platforms rolling out online shopping solutions.

“We’re building toward a future where the Snapchat community can engage with businesses of all sizes across the variety of products on our service,” said Carolina Arguelles, Snapchat’s Global Product Marketing Manager.

What Are Snapchat Brand Profile Pages?

According to Mobile Marketer, “Target, L'Oréal and Ralph Lauren are among the brands to create profile pages that Snapchat started testing this week. The [Snapchat brand profile] pages give brands a ‘permanent home’ to build a following and directly engage with app users.” The brand profile pages will look like the Snapchat public profiles that are used by creators and influencers and have most of the same functions. 

What Is Included On Snapchat Brand Profile Pages?

To facilitate shopping directly from Snapchat brand profile pages, Snapchat explained “[Brand] Profiles may include a Native Store experience that enables Snapchatters to seamlessly browse and purchase items directly within the Snapchat app powered by Shopify.” The recent success of Snapchat direct response ads is evidence that there is willingness from consumers to shop directly from Snapchat.

The Snapchat brand profile pages let brands host augmented reality (AR) content from prior campaigns and sponsorships, likely with the hopes of longer and increased engagement with the AR features Snapchat is popular for. The brand profile pages will also include a highlights feature, which “showcases collections of photos, videos, Public Snaps and Stories, while Public Stories let brands post content such as behind the scenes views and other daily activities.” 

How Are Snapchat Brand Profile Pages Relevant To Digital Marketers And Ecommerce Strategies?

Snapchat is popular with younger audiences, so brand pages could be a good fit for businesses that appeal to younger shoppers, especially if social ecommerce strategies are part of the brand’s sales game plan. 

Snapchat brand profile pages are another opportunity for brands to deepen their multichannel marketing and ecommerce strategies, especially important at a time when ecommerce is increasingly relevant to consumers. Additionally, while other social media competitors struggle with consumer trust and advertiser boycotts, Snapchat may see an increase in popularity. According to Mobile Marketer, “a study last year found 76% of advertising professionals said they hadn't advertised on the app.” Given the chance that Snapchat may start to give stalwarts like Facebook a run for their money, brands may want to start diversifying their media spend to include Snapchat.

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