Snapchat Launches Snapchat Scan: Just The Facts

January 14, 2020 Carolyn Harding

Snapchat is taking its innovative AR tools one step further with the launch of Snapchat Scan.

What Is Snapchat’s New Snapchat Scan Ad Option?

Snapchat Scan combines visual search and augmented reality (AR) by enabling Snapchat users to scan a brand logo in order to unlock unique, branded AR lenses. The Snapchat camera will recognize each brand logo image and unlock a new experience for users.

McDonalds coca cola photo from adweek

Coca Cola and McDonald's are the first brands to test out the new ad option. Snapchat users can scan the McDonald’s logo on items like burger wrappers, french fry boxes and food trays to unlock access to three immersive McDonald’s AR lenses, which will appear in the Lens Carousel. For Coca-Cola lovers, users can scan the Coke logo on cans to unlock three immersive Coke AR lenses, also accessible in the Snapchat Lens Carousel.

What Sparked The Creation Of Snapchat Scan?

The creation of Snapchat Scan reflects the social platform’s ongoing initiatives to extend their digital content into the physical world.

“Turning physical products that are a part of Snapchatters’ everyday lives into conversation starters through immersive AR is an incredible way to connect with our audience and an important milestone for this technology,” said Carolina Arguelles, Product Marketing Manager on Snap’s AR team. “Using Scan in this way offers so many possibilities for brands – from creating fun, shareable moments, to sharing product information or offering a virtual trial.”

Scan makes the process of engaging with brands easier and significantly more interactive for users as well. On the flip side, brands can simultaneously drive engagement through the content generated by the AR lenses and turn Snapchat users into loyal consumers.

Why Should Marketers Tap Into Snapchat Scan’s Capabilities?

Shutterstock_1455506966 Russia, Kazan May 28 2019: Snapchat logo on iPhone X screen. Snapchat is a social media app for smartphones.

Snapchat Scan opens the door for brands to expand their reach for existing and potential new consumers, as more than 90% of Americans ages 13-24 use Snapchat, and roughly 70% of Snapchat users play with the social platform’s AR features daily.

According to Adweek, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola have access to certain exclusive features as early partners in the initiative. However, any brand can create a lens for free through Snapchat’s public AR creation tool, Lens Studio. Brands can submit a custom lens to Snapchat, at which point the lens will automatically be enabled with Scan. When discussing long-term capabilities, Arguelles shared, “Brands may opt to enable Scan to allow users to virtually sample their products before purchasing them, or to conduct tutorials via AR, among other potential uses for the technology.”

Ultimately, the new Snapchat Scan feature aids in cutting through the clutter of multiple advertisements and provides brands with an innovative platform to create immersive brand experiences for users.

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