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Social Advertising: 6 Best Practices for Campaign Strategy & Optimization

July 19, 2016 Team DMS

Social advertising budgets are rising at nearly twice the speed of display and more than twice as fast as search budgets. In fact, spending for social advertising was up 26% YOY in 2015, and it’s predicted to rise an additional 26% this year.

This increased spend, along with the maturation of social ad placements and smartphone adoption, is driving performance for many advertisers. Social media inquiry generation is up almost 65% YOY according to our Q1 2016 review.

Strong Competition Ahead

Growth like this is an indicator of future competition. That means your campaigns should be smart, efficient, targeted and engaging. We’ve highlighted six best practices for social advertising below. For full details, click here to download our social advertising best practices.

1. Define Your Marketing Objectives, Think Cross-Channel and Stay Focused

Outlining marketing objectives should be your first step, and social advertising works best when implemented as a component of a holistic media plan. Select the social channels that you believe will be efficient in terms of cost, effective in terms of achieving your objective and complementary to the rest of your media plan.

2. Use Every Bit of Targeting Data You Can Get Your Hands On

There are many data-based options for identifying and reaching your target audience. Combine your customer data with information about your social media followers, visitors to your website and third-party geographic, demographic and psychographic data to develop audience segmentation centered on the prospects most likely to convert.

3. Know the Ins and Outs of Platform Report Metrics

Social platforms are not consistent in their metric definitions. To effectively measure performance, you should learn the nuances of those definitions or employ an expert who does. Unless social media tracking is your full-time job, you may want to consult an expert to help make sure you’re analyzing and optimizing based on the right data.

4. Test Alternative Bidding Strategies

Many self-service ad platforms allow bidding and optimization based on specific objectives like conversions or new followers. While this supports the needs for many entry-level advertisers, if the default bidding systems don’t support your campaign objectives, they can lead to poor performance.

5. Build Ads with an Eye Toward Mobile

Mobile device users are prevalent on social networking sites. This means everything you do and every post you make should consider the mobile user. After all, it is likely that most of your ads will only be seen on mobile devices.

6. Stop Stocking Stock Photos

In an era where visual-based apps abound, compelling narratives benefit from something more. Generating your own photos doesn’t have to be expensive. Invest in a number of high-quality, low-cost digital cameras to start standing out.

Click here to download our social advertising best practices. 

Do you need help with your social advertising efforts? Talk to the experts at DMS. We work to deliver cost-effective and scalable solutions that meet your goals and your budget. Most importantly, we design programs to deliver a measurable and impressive ROI.

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