Luck Of The Irish: Best St. Patrick’s Day Campaigns

March 14, 2019 Victoria Pallien

More than 33 million Americans can trace their heritages back to Ireland, making America a pretty Irish country. And what better way to celebrate Irish culture, than partaking in St. Patrick’s Day!

In honor of this month’s green holiday, let’s take a look at some stellar St. Patrick’s Day campaigns.

McDonald’s: Shamrock Shake

First introduced in 1970, the iconic green McDonald’s Shamrock Shake is brought back to the menu every March in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. Encouraging a cult-like following, the Shamrock Shake was introduced more than a month before this year’s St. Patrick’s Day, on February 13.

This minty shake, often topped with a cherry, is sold exclusively in Canada, Ireland and the U.S., though some Americans, like Floridians, feel left out because their states aren’t included in the limited-time release of Shamrock Shakes this year.

As not all McDonald’s locations are participating, for the second year in a row, the McDonald’s app offers a “Shamrock Shake Finder” to help fans get their minty refreshment.

Guinness: The Friendliest Day Of The Year

A few years back, Guinness aimed to make St. Patrick’s Day the friendliest day of the year with the help of the Guinness World Records.

Guinness: The Friendliest Day Of The Year

Through Facebook, Guinness asked fans and consumers to pledge to be friendly on St. Patrick’s Day, in an effort to achieve the Guinness World Records title for most pledges for a campaign.

Guinness also asked consumers to participate in St. Patrick’s Day with Guinness beer at more than 4,000 locations worldwide, which were monitored by the Guinness World Records for the largest global St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

Call of Duty: WWII: Operation: Shamrock & Awe

Call of Duty: WWII: Operation: Shamrock & Awe

Last year and in 2016, the coveted video game, Call of Duty, released a March special event called Operation: Shamrock & Awe, specifically for St. Patrick’s Day.

This game, available for a limited time between March 13 and March 23 last year, included plenty of Irish themed options, like new weapons, collections of items, weapon charms, game modes and a remaster of the maps.

Dunkin’: Lucky you!

Earlier this month, Dunkin’ announced the reintroduction of their Irish Creme coffees — just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Available for the Irish holiday season, Dunkin releases their coveted flavored drinks.

On March 6, some Dunkin’ stores temporarily rebranded to O’Dunkin’, including festive exterior signage and interior décor, to get fans in a lucky mood. At each Dunkin’, the first 250 consumers were offered free small hot or iced Irish Crème coffees or lattes.

Participating Dunkin’ locations are offering $2 medium-sized iced coffees between 2pm and 6pm throughout March.

Jameson: #LoveThyBar

Jameson’s #LoveThyBar campaign, a spinoff of their larger #LoveThyNeighborhood campaign, encourages fans to drink their favorite liquor, Jameson, at their favorite local bars. Jameson is leveraging St. Patrick’s Day to recognize the importance of small businesses.

The liquor brand is also promoting their apparel sales as the proper costume for a night out at consumers’ local bars. This way, Jameson fans can wear their favorite Jameson swag, visit their favorite local bars and ask for their favorite drink: Jameson.

Plenty of brands wear green and showcase their affinity for St. Patrick’s Day every year. Some brands go above and beyond to offer consumers a truly Irish holiday.

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