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Think Positive for the Win

June 8, 2016 Team DMS

Rudy JerseyGoofy thoughts will keep you from achieving your full potential. That was the lesson shared by legendary Notre Dame defensive end Rudy Ruettiger (yes, of the movie Rudy) when he joined us at our corporate retreat last month. According to Rudy, “goofy thoughts” are the negative ideas that hold us back from winning the game… in life and at work.

During his speech, Rudy detailed a time when he had to find a way to get to an overseas speaking engagement despite an expired passport. Instead of throwing in the towel, he reviewed his situation and identified positive-thinking people able to help. “You can do anything in 24 hours,” he reminded himself. And in the end, with the support of people he met along the way, he was victorious in getting to his international commitment.

Like most things in life, successful marketing campaigns require positive thinking across the team. Bringing an idea to fruition is not easy ― especially if it’s something that goes against the grain.

“It won’t work because…”

“…we’ve tried that before.”

“…no one has ever done that before.”

“…we’re already maxed out.”

Sound familiar? In some cases, there are legitimate reasons to not move forward with a plan. But every project includes hurdles, and giving them too much consideration could keep you from achieving your best. That’s why effective marketing professionals review and evaluate the positive aspects of every opportunity before addressing the negative.

Believe you can succeed ― with the help of your team. When setbacks happen (and they will), adopt a solution-focused mindset to help overcome the conflicts while taking power from lurking goofy thoughts. Even bold moves must be tackled one step at a time. So put together a project plan, and get started.

What is your approach to stay positive, and how has it helped you succeed? Share your story with @dmsgrp on Twitter.

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