TikTok Introduces A Seamless Shoppable Experience For Marketers

December 11, 2019 Digital Media Solutions

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TikTok is currently the most downloaded app in the world, with 60 million installs and 500 million monthly active users worldwide. The social network video app draws on its audience, comprised primarily of Gen Z, and encourages them to watch, create and share user generated content (UGC) often of lip syncing and dancing to popular songs. Capitalizing on this highly engaged audience, TikTok has launched Hashtag Challenge Plus, a shoppable ecommerce feature offering seamless opportunities for Gen Z consumers.

What Is A TikTok Hashtag Challenge, And How Do They Engage Users?

Challenges are one of TikTok’s central engagement drivers, with their audience creating and sharing content. The app’s users search hashtags and hashtag challenges on the TikiTok discovery page to view trending topics and content. The TikiTok hashtag challenges invite users to make videos about the same idea as the hashtag and share them on the app. UGC is a key component of each TikTok challenge,  with users recording themselves completing specific actions or directions to participate.

Hashtag challenge ads were introduced on TikTok in 2018, and they allow advertisers to sponsor hashtag challenges in order to draw on their viral nature. Advertiser hashtag challenges are featured on TikTok’s discovery page. The discovery page directs users to the challenge pages which explain what to do to participate in the challenges. TikTok provides brand influencer partners, if needed, to help hashtags gain traction and go viral with audiences.

What Is TikiTok’s Hashtag Challenge Plus?

Photo from Tech CrunchTikTok hashtag challenge #TransformUrDorm

TikiTok’s Hashtag Challenge Plus adds a shoppable component to the hashtag challenges. In addition to users creating and viewing videos, a separate tab features an in-app experience where an advertiser’s products can featured directly within TikTok.

Kroger was the first brand to try out the feature with a #transformUrDorm hashtag focusing on back-to-school shopping and encouraging college students to post videos of dorm room transformations. When users tapped on #transformUrDorm within TikTok, they were led to a separate in-app explore tab showcasing Kroger products and direct links to its ecommerce channel. Since the TikTok sponsored hashtag challenge launch, Kroger’s hashtag has approximately 854 million views across hundreds of videos from influencers and TikTok users.

A separate discover tab can be found on the TikTok hashtag landing page, directing viewers to the new shopping experience where Kroger offers a scrollable row of featured products. By tapping the “shop now” link, users are directed to the Kroger website. From the website, TikTok users are able to add items to their cart and checkout.

TikTok Is Helping Marketers Reach Gen Z

Gen Z, the often elusive audience of teens and early professionals, is on TikTok in record numbers, creating content and eagerly sharing experiences with others. TikTok’s new Hashtag Challenge Plus advertising units provide marketers with opportunities to take part in the viral aspect of TikTok and its UGC while creating seamless shopping opportunities for their consumers.

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