Trick or Treat Your Consumers? 7 Halloween Campaigns that Got It Right

October 18, 2017 Kathy Bryan
The tricky thing about Halloween is that it inspires brands in the most random industries to create themed campaigns as consumer spending in this season continues to soar. This year, an estimated $9.1 billion will be spent as approximately 179 Americans celebrate Halloween. 
As Halloween continues to evolve into one of the most indulgent consumer seasons and brands from every corner of the U.S. economy hop on the bandwagon, here are seven Halloween campaigns that got it right.

Ford Escape – Spooky Car Wash Prank

Car companies typically tout safety features to make drivers feel confident that their vehicles will protect them from harm. In 2014, Ford decided to deliver a Halloween a scare instead. Their car wash prank introduced drivers to the frights of the undead, securing millions of consumer views in the process.

LG – So Real It’s Scary

With more than 39 million views on YouTube, the “so real it’s scary” campaign launched by LG in 2012 has engaged consumers time and time again. In this video, LG shows it is possible to have Halloween fun while keeping messaging on point.

State Farm  Scary Right “Jumper”

Halloween is scary movie season. With its “Scary Right” campaign, State Farm leverages this trend and flips it on its head with scenes that start scary and end up with everything just as it should be. Inclusive of “Jumper” and other creative executions, last year’s State Farm social media campaign even included the opportunity to purchase the Jake the State Farm costume.

Svedka – First World Horrors: Likes

Short and to the point, the Svedka “first world horrors” campaign for the 2016 Halloween season reeled in millennials with relatable “horrors” such as a selfie that didn’t get many likes, an unrequited text and a phone that is too full to take pictures. Connecting with their target audience in the days leading up to Halloween, Svedka was positioned to boost their market share for a holiday that can be heavy in alcohol sales.

Atomic Candy – The Shed 

Clowns have come a long way in the scare category. Released last year, I hope Atomic Candy is planning to use this spot again this year. A box office success, It has been reignited the fear of clowns. As a result, this spot has the potential to get additional traction this year.

Pizza Hut – How to Win at Halloween

Let’s face it, Halloween is a competition. Recognizing this, in 2015, Pizza Hut published tips to help their audience win the holiday. Based on the comments the campaign received, the message was appreciated and the hidden “give pizza instead of candy” commercial was actually appreciated. After all, who doesn’t want to be a (as Pizza Hut coined it) Hallo-winner?!

Party City  Thriller

This classic commercial makes a final point about Halloween engagement. Although surprises and scares are key to this holiday, tradition should not be overlooked. The Party City “Thriller” campaign is simultaneously awful and fantastic. As a result, it’s a staple of Halloween.
Engaging your audience requires an understanding of their mindset. The Halloween season has American consumers thinking about costumes, candy, decorations and more. They’re imagining opportunities to scare and delight those around them. Don’t be afraid to get in on it. Have fun. Embrace your Halloween spirit.
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Written By: Kathy Bryan, VP of Corporate Marketing & Communications @ DMS

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