The Trojan Man Creates a New Image for Safe Sex

September 6, 2018 Nicole Settecasi

A normal, not-super-athletic, middle-aged man. Brown curly hair, brown eyes and a beard.

This is the new face of Trojan. The 2018 Trojan Man evokes a modern, open-minded image of sex that welcomes any and all, regardless of looks or sexual orientation.

The new Trojan Man, who lives in a judgement-free lair, is emotionally accessible to the average consumer in a world that embraces Tinder and fluid sexuality.

While redefining their mascot, Trojan coins, “It’s a big sexy world,” inviting all those who are interested to practice safety. Watch it for yourself below.

Reactions from individuals in our office:

I enjoyed the song, and was definitely surprised by the new Trojan man. He looks a little confused. I expected a smize from him, some type of modeling, but he’s just a regular guy.

I was expecting a big, ripped dude. He looks like he just rolled out of bed. He’s ordinary, and it’s great.

I was not expecting to see that man at the end. The beat is fantastic. This ad nailed the old marketing trick where you repeat the brand numerous times. This was clever, and there was nothing subliminal about it.

To rise above the noise of the modern marketing minute, Trojan creates a normal, average-looking icon, The Trojan Man.

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